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WATCH: Biden Calls Arizona ‘An Important City’ In The 2020 Election

These aren’t the “Bidenisms” that we grew accustomed to–at what point does this campaign become elder abuse?

In an exclusive interview on Arizona’s NBC 12, Biden spoke to anchor Mark Curtis and right from the get-go it didn’t go very well.

Just after Biden is introduced, he says that Arizona is “an important city.” Throughout the interview, Biden mumbles, stumbles, and just doesn’t look very sharp.

CURTIS: We’re joined now by former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. Good to see you, sir. And, uh, look, Arizona is very much in play in 2020, so we appreciate you taking some time and talk to the people of our state.

BIDEN: Oh, you’re–it’s an important city. You guys are going through hell right now, aren’t you?

CURTIS: We really are with the pandemic.

BIDEN: It’s a shame. You’re breaking up a little bit, I hope you can hear me clearly…


Biden’s staff must’ve realized how awful this interview was because they suddenly pulled the plug on it.

To be fair, the feed was restored and they allowed Joe to answer the question.

This isn’t the first time that Biden staffers have done this. It’s kind of a thing that they do.

Who knows why staffers keep cutting Biden’s interviews short–maybe he’s really busy campaigning from his Delaware home, perhaps they don’t trust him to give long interviews without the safety of notes, or it could be that it’s cutting into Joe’s nap time.

But seriously, look at the man, really look at him. Does he have the fire in his belly to become President, or does he look resigned and forlorn?

You can watch the entire12-minute interview here:

Recently, the literal Communist Angela Davis told RT, a Russian news agency, that Biden is just going to be a puppet that will be easily manipulated into achieving the Marxist goals of the far-left. We’re seeing that now with his sudden lurch to the left on his policies and cribbing some of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 platform word-for-word.

Pundits are often talking about an “enthusiasm gap” with Biden voters–but I think that the much bigger problem is the enthusiasm deficit of the candidate himself.

K. Walker

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