WATCH: Bro Calls Out Hypocrisy Of Protesters And It’s EPIC–‘You Guys Are Crooks And Fools’

Written by Wes Walker on July 27, 2020

This guy hits these supposedly ‘woke’ protesters with a direct hit … and he’s hitting them with a howitzer. How much do you REALLY care about the very oppression you claim to oppose?

How is it that monuments to men dead for more than a century offend Leftists so deeply that they cannot even feel safe in their presence, but markets that exist in the world today, were humans are CURRENTLY being bought and sold in the marketplace don’t even warrant a mention?

How is it that Donald Trump is the world’s most dangerous despot, but the atrocities happening in Communist China’s concentration camps were hundreds of thousands are unjustly imprisoned today, and their wives are raped and impregnated by men sent by the state to ‘erase’ their religion and ethnicity?

How is it that national brands — including brands that throw money at BLM to show how much they hate ‘oppression’ — have their goods manufactured by Uigher workers forced into slave labor? How is it that Colin Kaepernick — a onetime BLM spokesperson — cannot bear to hear the National Anthem ‘because there is a reference to slavery’ in a verse nobody sings, but has no problem cashing Multi-million dollar checks from Nike and their Slave Labor?

See a pattern forming here?

This is a really great rant. You will enjoy how he torches the Left’s hypocrisy here.

(Fair warning: there’s some profanity in it)

Where are the protesters lining up to oppose Iran for imprisoning women for 30 years if they dare to be seen without a headscarf?

Oh, that’s right. Iran gets a pass from them, don’t they?

He wants Trump to take the 2020 election. Because he sees the left as nothing but crooks or fools. They are either too dumb to see how their ideas don’t play out in the real world, or they absolutely KNOW, and are deliberately lying about it.