WATCH: Democrats’ Unrelenting Horsewhipping Of AG Barr Reminds Us Why Nobody Likes Congress

Written by Wes Walker on July 29, 2020

It’s funny that they all love ‘Hamilton’ so much since the Democrats have become the antithesis of everything the Founders fought for.

Could someone explain to these clowns what the term ‘coequal branch’ means?

The Congressional Democrats believe that they have the right to conduct Soviet-style showtrials of anyone who stands in their way.

Why do we call it Soviet-style? Simple. Because the guilt of the accused has decided before he ever had a chance to face his accusers. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether he will be a good little Comrade and sign the confession that has been written for him, or if they need to break him and make a public display of him.

In this ridiculous display, where they started late, but refused to even give Barr the courtesy of a lunch break, there was one abusive ‘do you still beat your wife’ question after another, where the guilt was presumed and no time was given for him to rebut the accusations against him.

This was a smear campaign and nothing more.

Scratch that.

It WAS something more.

Since they have already signaled an intention to impeach Barr, it was ALSO a perjury trap.

There were times that the phrase ‘under penalty of perjury’ was invoked before a question, but he was not permitted to give a full and nuanced response that his reply would require.

Worse still, time and time again Democrats put words in his mouth that twisted or even reversed the obvious meaning of his reply. They used lines like ‘Reclaiming my time. I will take that as a no, then’.

But what happens when he gives them a firm answer that contradicts their narrative?

How dare he interrupt us while we’re railroading him! So disrespectful.

Can’t you see the Democrats are the REAL victims here?

Hang him high!

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