WATCH: Senator Tim Scott Gives A POSITIVE July 4th Message During This Divisive Time

Written by Wes Walker on July 5, 2020

Ready for a little GOOD news for your Fourth of July Weekend? We’ve got you covered.

Take a break from the ‘we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore’ crowd so hellbent on causing division and whipping up grievances until they hit critical mass.

And not just those TV talking heads, either, but the whole angry finger-pointing mess we’ve been dealing with for weeks.

Let’s all dial down the bickering for a bit and listen to a positive message from Senator Tim Scott.


He didn’t have an easy life, as you can tell from that clip. But that didn’t mean he had to go through it with a chip on his shoulder. Tim’s grandfather picked cotton when he was young, and lived to see Tim get elected.

‘From Cotton to Congress’ is some serious progress in a single lifetime.

And that was hardly the only battle Senator Scott faced. He goes a little deeper into his story with Senator Cruz and Michael Knowles… including his own experiences with the police (some bad, some good) and some of the brutally profane voicemail his office gets from ‘woke’ voters.

He’s living proof that few bad experiences don’t have to poison your views on America forever. But some folks profit from the kind of social agitation that is being whipped up… either financially or politically.

Don’t let them play upon our worst instincts.

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