WTF Happened To Senator Kamala Harris’s Face?! Here’s The 411…

Written by K. Walker on July 20, 2020

A video of the Senator being interviewed was shared on social media has spawned a whole lot of conspiracy theories–including that the person on the video was a body double.

The video was of MSNBC’s Al Sharpton and Senator Kamala Harris(D-CA) discussing the life and legacy of civil rights activist John Lewis who died on July 17.

Sharpton’s Twitter account posted the video on Saturday and it got a whole lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.

The woman in the video bore almost no resemblance to Kamala Harris.

That doesn’t even look like Kamala Harris.

That woman looks like she’s had some implants put in, a lift of her face and neck, and her skin is lighter. And really, wtf is going on with her eyes?!

What gives?

Twitter users were quick to notice the differences.

Some of the theories included that it wasn’t her at all.

A whole lot of people suspect that this was a body double or a “clone.”

Then the plastic surgery rumors were flying…perhaps because she’s on Biden’s shortlist in the Veepstakes. 

Botox gone wrong is a popular theory.

Others noted that she seemed to have lightened her skin.

And, Errol Webber seemed to have the same reaction that I did when I first saw the video–that it was shocking that Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon was still getting work in 2020.

But, it seems that plastic surgery isn’t a likely cause of the vast differences in appearance.

Here was Kamala Harris on July 16, 2020, also on MSNBC, this time with Chris Hayes:

Hmmm… she looks normal.

There’s just no way that she couldn’t have had that much work done in a 24-hour period and still show up on television.

But it would seem that the answer is much simpler than a clone, rapid-healing cosmetic surgery, or that she’s an alien.

The answer is pretty simple–the video posted by Sharpton was one that appeared to be captured by a cellphone of a television screen and the lighting was pretty bad.

Here is the same MSNBC appearance that is sparking all sorts of conspiracy theories online. This one was uploaded to YouTube and was clearly what was on the air. In this video, Senator Harris looks…well, like Senator Harris.

The moral of the story–people are clearly not actually watching MSNBC.

Also, do five minutes of research, people. Seriously.

But I admit, it does happen to the best of us…

Mea culpa.


Always verify.

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