Young Buck Picks A Fight With Older Bro — That Was A Mistake (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on July 29, 2020

Don’t let his silver hair fool ya. Picking a fight with someone who knows how to handle himself is a risky proposition.

This young punk must have assumed he was picking a fight with an easy target.

What started it? Who knows?

Was he offended because he had been running his mouth too much and got put in his place?

Was he trying to bully the older guy? Was it a random attack? Was it an attempt at mugging? Did the older guy make a ‘yo mamma’ joke?

We don’t know.

All we know for sure is what happened when the situation ignited into conflict.

They are both putting what they carry onto the ground and squaring off.

You see the young guy in a flurry of motion, looking for an opening to smoke the older guy in the face.

The other guy is confident and in no hurry. He uses his left hand to stiff-arm the young punk until he sees an opportunity, his right fist poised for a strike.

And it only takes one hit to end it.

Live and learn, kid.

Might as well reflect on your life choices while you’re down there. Because you’re not getting up anytime soon.

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