Antifa Tinkerpots Pick The WRONG Place To Start Their Crap–These Patriots Were Not Having It (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 12, 2020

These skinny little masked punks were in WAY over their heads when these patriots showed up.

The commies found themselves being marched right back to wherever the hell they came from. For the most part, it didn’t even take any show of violence or force.

It was just a solid men group of men who weren’t going to be intimidated by some masked losers who probably can’t even shave yet.

For a while, the Antifa tinkerpots just give ground and give ground.

Things change when one of them makes the mistake of taking a swing.

THAT was a mistake.

One even tried pulling a knife. (It didn’t help.)

They had their asses handed to them.

The best part may have been the patriot with the bullhorn who gave some helpful instructions to the rest of the group while there’s a brawl in a ditch:

‘Keep your hands off your weapons. Keep punching each other in the face, just don’t shoot anybody.’

But Conservatives are the dangerous ones who can’t be trusted when we’re armed.


It wasn’t the conservative that pulled a knife in a fistfight. Or showed up with a mask and a hood for a protest.

They’re tough, sure. But here’s someone a lot tougher than that.

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