BREAKING: Four Cops Shot Overnight As Anti-Police Sentiment Spreads–Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on August 30, 2020

Two different cities, two officers in each city. One of the four officers is in critical condition.

On Saturday night in St. Louis, two officers were shot by a suspect after responding to a call about gunshots at around 6 pm.

According to Chief John Hayden Jr., one officer was shot in the head and is critically injured and the other was shot in the leg with non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect then barricaded himself in a residence.

“While they’re on the scene, they hear shots, and our first officer, who is very critically injured, and when I say very critically injured, he’s very critically injured, he was shot. He has a head wound. And that officer is down,” Hayden said Saturday night.

“As our brave officers were trying to get him secured, other officers responded to the scene, and another one of our officers was shot in the leg. Both are at area hospitals. Doctors are working feverishly to assist them.”

Hayden said eight St. Louis police officers have now been shot since June 1.

Source: Fox News

At the time of this report, the suspect is still barricaded in the residence.

Two officers in Chicago were shot during a traffic stop on Sunday in the early morning hours.

The officers had been assigned to a summer mobile unit targeting “hot spots” of violence in the city. There was a call that a person with a gun was spotted in the area, and the officers stopped the vehicle that matched the description given to police.

Before the shooting, officers had requested assistance because the person with the gun had locked the door of the car and was refusing to comply with their orders.

“Can you roll us one more car over here to ah Polk and Homan?” one of the injured officers is heard asking the dispatcher.

” I made a traffic stop….an individual’s in the vehicle locked himself in the car – he’s got a firearm in the car,’’ the officer tells the dispatcher.

A chaotic scene developed seconds later when officers helping out called a 10-1 saying shots had been fired and officers were “down’’ after they tried to arrest the suspect and a struggle ensued.

“Shots fired! 10-1!’ an officer screams. “Shots fired – Shots fired!”

“10-1, 10-1,’’ he yells.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Tom Ahern, the spokesman for the Chicago P.D. said that both officers were transported to the hospital in “serious but stable” condition. One officer had been shot in the chest, the other in the arm. The suspect had fired multiple rounds at them and one of the officers had returned fire. The suspect is also in hospital in “serious but stable” condition.

The officer-involved shooting of the suspect will be investigated by Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability as well as the police department. Chicago P.D. protocol requires all officers involved in shootings to be placed on administrative duties for 30 days.

We have protesters that are in the streets of major cities all over the country chanting that “All Cops Are Bastards” and some are overtly calling for violence against law enforcement. 

Little kids are being brainwashed into this nonsense. 

We’ve seen a rise in violence against police officers while slimy DA’s excuse ant-cop thuggery. 

Clearly that “thin blue line” between chaos and civility is a real thing. We’re seeing in real-time what happens when it is eroded, right Portland?

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