California Beaches Are The New Sites For Worship Services Since Churches Aren’t Allowed To Re-Open (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on August 4, 2020

Some Christians in California have gotten creative with the lockdown that is preventing churches from opening. They’re holding worship services on the beach.

We’ve already told you that Christians in San Diego have defied Governor ‘Nero’ Newsom and were worshipping on the beach.

Defying Gov ‘Nero’ Newsom, 5k Christians Celebrate A God GREATER Than The Government

But that isn’t limited to San Diego.

Christians in Huntington Beach are doing the same thing.

Saturate OC was born when churches were barred from holding in-person services due to the coronavirus lockdown. It’s a group of Christians who have partnered together to continue to worship in a group right on a California Beach and spread the message of Christ. They meet on Friday evenings to sing, pray, share the gospel, and baptize new believers in the ocean.

The medical experts have said that anti-racism protests are just fine during a global pandemic–some going so far as to say that opposing “systemic racism” is actually a good thing for public health.

ClashDaily covered that here:

WTF? Public Health And Disease ‘Experts’ Support Anti-Racism Protests Despite COVID Fears

Even though depression and suicidal ideation has increased during lockdowns, especially amongst teens, the place that many go to for support and counseling–churches–have been deemed “non-essential.” That doesn’t even include that the ability to gather to worship is Constitutionally-protected right.

Yet, as weed dispensaries, liquor stores, casinos, and other businesses have been deemed “essential”–churches have not.

Authorities in Huntington Beach have tried to clamp down on the meetings, but they’re defiant. Jessi Green, the organizer of Saturate OC said, “You can’t cancel Jesus.”

Hundreds gathered on the sand at Huntington Beach on Friday evening for the fourth week in a row to participate in a revival meeting called Saturate OC despite a city order earlier in the day to cancel the event because officials said organizers failed to obtain permits or follow coronavirus health mandates.

About 300 to 400 participants, a vast majority of them without masks, stuck close to one another, kneeling on the sand and singing hymns as some played guitars and drums. Several young children attended as well. The entire revival was streamed live on Facebook.

City officials had posted large Caltrans-style signs along Pacific Coast Highway en route to the beach that said the Saturate OC event had been canceled. But event organizer Jessi Green, who told participants that police showed up at her door with a citation, said she and her husband, Parker, who moved from New York City to Orange County in 2016 to hold such an event, do not plan to stop anytime soon.

“You can’t cancel Jesus,” she told the crowd, holding a megaphone.

Source: OC Register

A social media post claims that at their last Friday evening meeting, the police tried to shut down Saturate OC and the crowd just got louder.

We’re seeing that Christians are pushing back against these unconstitutional attacks on their rights, and that’s good for everyone.

There has been a concerted attack on churches during the pandemic and it’s come from Democrat politicians–especially governors, the leftwing media, and even the Supreme Court.

Is that a coincidence?

We need to stand up and do the right thing.

Here’s some inspiration:

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