Did Pelosi Just Admit To Politicizing The COVID Relief Money? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 21, 2020

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer love to play bare-knuckle politics. They are creatures of the swamp and it shows. And it looks like the American citizens were mere pawns on her chessboard.

The same people who call Trump ‘authoritiarian’ at every turn were upset when he was refusing to use his Pen and his Phone ‘powers’ to extend DACA, despite the fact that it’s Congress whose job it is to legislate.

When she couldn’t get the Senate and the Administration to play ball on her multi-Trillion dollar slush fund for all of her party’s favorite policies (and to hell with how we would pay for it), she took her toys and went home.

She was not the least bit interested in passing legislation that dealt specifically and ONLY with covering the unemployment costs associated with the Chinavirus.

Now we have seen Pelosi interviewed by PBS. They are hardly a firebrand conservative network. And the answer she gave to a question was… interesting.

As one social media user summarized the key point:

Help #Americans in desperate need? “That’s a very positive initiative…[but] I don’t think strategically it’s where we should go right now.” We have an election to think about & if we help people, that might make @realDonaldTrump look good. We certainly can’t allow that!!

Judge for yourself.

This is coming from the same corrupt woman who is now rushing back to Washington for an emergency session so that she can rake the Postmaster General over the coals like thye did to Barr, with the goal to be getting soundbites ‘RECLAIMING MY TIME!’ for ad campaigns and the news clips, rather than solving any actual problems or learning new information about the agency they claim to be exerting oversight over.

Before she keeps beating that drum about the glorious perfection of Mail In Ballots, and that anyone concerned about them wants to disenfrancise voters, they may want to reconsider the FUBAR electoral situation in New Jersy where the judge called for an electoral do-over because it was so badly tainted by mail fraud. Hey Obama: If Mail Fraud Is Such A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Why Did One Judge Force A Reelection?

From that piece: A campaign worker for Alex Mendez, the Paterson councilman-elect charged with election fraud, told investigators that she was paid to carry bundles of vote-by-mail ballots eight days before the May 12 election.