Hey Obama: If Mail Fraud Is Such A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Why Did One Judge Force A Reelection?

Written by Wes Walker on August 21, 2020

When anyone on the right objects to mass mailing, the Democrats accuse us of ‘voter suppression’. If mail fraud is not a real election risk, please explain why this judge has disqualified a recent election and called for a do-over?

The dirty tricks in Patterson New Jersey were even worse than we thought. And we hold a pretty cynical view of exactly what dirty tricks people are capable of reducing themselves to.

Back on May 12, there was an election in New Jersey. Because of contagion concerns, it relied heavily on mail-in ballots. But it wasn’t very long before there were credible claims of voter fraud.

Those claims grew to become charges.

Those charges grew to expose a hopelessly corrupted election that had to be thrown out and redone.

What was the problem? You guessed it. Sketchy people exploited the anonymity of mail-in ballots.

Let’s put the key takeaway right upfront and let the story unfold once we’ve established the direction we’re going.

It’s a conspiracy theory that mass-produced mail-in ballots can be exploited to impact the result of an election is it?

Alright. What’s this then?

A campaign worker for Alex Mendez, the Paterson councilman-elect charged with election fraud, told investigators that she was paid to carry bundles of vote-by-mail ballots eight days before the May 12 election.

Yahaira “YaYa” Mendez says she carried “numerous stacks of ballots over the course of six hours, with each bundle the width of an outstretched hand and carrying two at a time,” according to an investigator hired by William McKoy, the incumbent Menendez unseated in a close election.

McKoy is challenging the results of the election and has asked a judge to stop Paterson from swearing in Mendez to his council seat on July 1.

“She messengered these stacks of ballots from one location to another along Route 20 in Paterson with another individual, although she could not remember their name,” McKoy’s attorney, Scott Salmon, alleged in a new court filing. “In return, Ms. Mendez was paid an indeterminate amount of cash for her services.”

Salmon said that YaYa Mendez’s name is not listed as the bearer of any ballots.

“This raises a seemingly endless stream of questions, chief among them how and why (Mendez’s) campaign had multiple stacks of ballots to be carried at all: where did these ballots come from and where were they going?” Salmon asked. “Ms. Mendez was simply too low on the totem pole to know, and we suspect nobody will ever fully know given the Fifth Amendment rights implicated in answering such questions.” —NewJerseyGlobe

Seems like pretty shady stuff.

What did the judge say about it?

A judge has ruled that a new election will be held in November for a disputed Paterson City Council seat, just weeks after the race’s apparent winner and a sitting councilman were charged with voter fraud.

State Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposela issued his ruling Wednesday.

…Ultimately, the Passaic County Board of Elections decided not to count 800 ballots cast in the race.

Voter fraud charges were brought in June against Mendez, Paterson Council Vice President Michael Jackson and two other men: Shelim Khalique, of Wayne, and Abu Rayzen, of Prospect Park. An attorney for Councilman William McKoy, who had been defeated by Mendez, then successfully sought an injunction that barred Mendez from being sworn into office. —FoxNews

Is it just coincidence that Democrats are fighting hard to legitimize mass-mailed ballots at the same time that Team Biden has some 600 lawyers on stand-by for election day?

For all the chest-thumping about ‘smooth transitions of power’ look at the recent elections where they lost.

AlGore took Dubya to court because he didn’t accept the election.

As for 2016, we’ve just seen the first guilty plea from Spygate.

Do we REALLY trust the party that railroaded Barr in a hearing and tried to push a bogus impeachment on Trump to play by the rules?