Hey Patriots: Bongino Vists The Atilis Gym Bros For A KILLER Interview (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 17, 2020

If you thought you loved their fighting spirit before, just wait until you see them in this interview. They are NOT backing down to the tinpot tyrants!

Now that the Governor in New Jersey has pretty much declared war on Frank Trumbetti, Ian Smith and the Atilis Gym, they have become national symbols of the patriotic pushback against ridiculous government overreach.

New Jersey has pulled the gym’s business license. These bros are answering back with their extended middle fingers. They have the Constitution on their side and they are more than ready to go to war over it… in court.

He said so.

“Bottom line is that the First Amendment of the constitution says I don’t need a business license. They can’t interfere with commerce. They’re gonna get sued for that.”

When these gym owners saw that the government was offering no safe protocols that would allow for the reopening of businesses, they went about developing their own effective safety protocols, and sharing their findings with local authorities.

There have been exactly ZERO cases of COVID in the thousands of visits they have had in their gym. This is a political witchhunt that violates their constitutional rights, and they are fighting it accordingly.

Governor Murphy has made ZERO attempt to reach out to Atilis Gym and inquire of their policy, their protocols, or their results.

Between them both, they have faced…

“24 or 26 citations, 2 arrests, one member was arrested, 9 members were cited. There was a health department shutdown, a court-ordered shutdown. A health department official has never stepped foot inside of our building before that shutdown. We have a contempt of court order. We lost our business license, you name it. Governor Murphy has thrown pretty much everything he can at us to stop us, but he has not yet reached out once to talk to us about the program that we put in place.”

Beyond all the other considerations, this is a private club. So any of the orders the government may make about ‘the public’ does not apply to their members, because it is a membership group, where members, it could be argued, are freely associating according to their Constitutional rights.

That’s just a taste of what you’ll see in this epic video.

This is the badass spirit of flipping off tyrants that made this nation great to begin with.

It’s good to see there are still some heirs to that generation’s spirited defense of freedom willing to take that stand.

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