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It’s Official: Kamala Harris Wins The Democratic Veepstakes … Here’s The Reaction

The pick was a big deal because most of us already think the 25th Amendment is made-to-order for Joe Biden. Start buying your popcorn in bulk, because this race just got crazy.

In perhaps the worst-kept secret of the year, Joe Biden announced that the OTHER person on the ticket will be…

…Kamala Harris.

How badly was this ‘secret’ kept?

Politico accidentally published a story announcing her selection — written in past tense. The story referenced the date in August that Biden announced his Veep choice. One small problem. It was published in July. Politico Retracts Story Calling Kamala Biden’s VEEP Choice… Do You Buy Their Explanation?

If THIS is the institutional competence the Democrats are trying to ‘wow’ us with, that’s a pretty sad reflection on the whole party.

Ok, so the suspense and the rollout were a complete flop. But what about the candidate herself?

We gotta admit, it really is an odd choice considering Kamala essentially called Joe racist.


She publicly stated that she believes the women that accused him of creepy behavior.

But Kamala is also A-OK with serving under his uh, ‘leadership’ despite personally believing that Joe molested a woman. That fact actually says more about HER lust for power than it does about Joe’s more carnal lusts.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s the quote from a leftist site:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said she believes the women who have come forward alleging that former Vice President Joe Biden touched them without their consent.

“I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” Harris told reporters at a presidential campaign stop in Nevada on Tuesday. –Huffpo

Or are we all supposed to suddenly forget that Tara Reade accused Gropey Joe of forcibly violating her body with his hand?

Come to think of it, when’s the last time we’ve heard Tara Reade’s name in the press? Have they even mentioned it since Joe got the nomination? Probably not, unless they attach a dismissive word like ‘discredited’, ‘unfounded’ or ‘debunked’. You know, the words they STILL won’t use to describe the entirely discredited, unfounded, and debunked Spygate accusations against Trump.

Here are the public responses to this announcement:

This is actually a pretty funny dig:

Well, that photoshop isn’t as creative as this next one, and not nearly as honest…

Actually, that might explain why Kamala DGAF about Joe digitally raping a staffer. Sex might be just another form of political currency to her.

Harris might even wonder why Tara didn’t willingly ‘give it up’ in exchange for an opportunity to supercharge her career advancement like — well — Kamala herself did.

Let’s be frank, the Media(D) loves Kamala…

H/T: @FormerNewspaper

But CNN’s “Media Watchdog” Brian Stelter says, “tHeRe ArE nO pArTiSaN mEdiA oUtLeTs ThAt FaVoR dEmOcRaTs!”

Democrats play the tune and the Media(D) sycophants (like Brian) dance for them.

…they just don’t realize that they’re the only ones.

President Trump realizes it, though. Check out his thoughts on Joe’s running mate.

Even some lefties don’t like Kamala.

Talcum X isn’t a fan…

H/T: @redsteeze

But now that Harris is Biden’s Veep pick, Shaun King has had a change of heart because she’s suddenly ‘grown’ on the issue of criminal justice.

Really? She’s seen the errors of her ways of mass incarceration, has she? Is that why she was ‘leading the charge’ against Senator Tim Scott(R-SC)’s police reform bill?

Candace Owens isn’t so sure. l

Team Trump already dropped an ad about “Slow Joe” and “Phony Kamala.”

The President also tweeted out a new ad that is absolutely BRUTAL.


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