Lindsey Graham Says That The FBI Showed The ‘Ultimate Double Standard’ When Dealing With Trump Vs. Hillary (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 26, 2020

If you needed to prove malicious intent of the FBI’s prosecution of the Trump team, this here is your smoking gun.

Next time the Democrats spout off about Russia or Putin, show them this.

The same thing that the FBI pretended to care so much about with Trump that they opened an investigation into him was handled very differently when they saw it pop up in Hillary’s campaign.

We mean, of course, illicit attempts at foreign influence.

We have seen top players in the FBI and related positions fired, disgraced, and even charged with criminal offenses for falsifying evidence to entrap players in the orbit of what was once dubbed ‘Trump World’. Thirty-some odd million dollars of investigtation later, a neutered AG, a hamstrung presidency, and the ‘Mueller’ team could not find a single solitary example of criminal foreign collusion in all of Trump’s associates.

Let’s compare that to how they handled an attempt by foreign actors to penetrate Hillary’s campaign.

Observers on the right have kept asking the key question — if Russia was such a threat, where is the defensive briefing they should have been given to WARN them about that foreign threat?

The ‘defensive briefing’ the Trump team DID get was actually set up as a ruse they used to spy on the President.

Newly declassified internal Federal Bureau of Investigation documents prove the top U.S. law enforcement agency used a so-called defensive briefing of the Trump campaign in 2016 to spy on and collect information about Donald Trump himself. The new documents, which are just the latest in a string of declassifications regarding the FBI operation to spy on the Trump campaign and later the Trump administration, detail the FBI’s attempts to use a briefing ostensibly meant to warn the Trump campaign about foreign intelligence threats to spy on the Trump campaign itself.– Federalist


And what did these same Defenders of Democracy™ do for Hillary?

Lindsey Graham said Sunday that the FBI and Justice Department exhibited a ‘double standard’ in the 2016 presidential race in how it went about informing Hillary Clinton about an investigation into foreign influence in her campaign but did not do the same for Donald Trump.

The South Carolina senator told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning that FBI leadership shot down a request for a FISA warrant until Clinton was briefed on the matter.

‘They never did to Trump,’ Graham said during his interview on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’ ‘As a matter of fact, not only did they not tell Trump, they used a generic briefing to spy on Trump.’

…The purpose of the meeting was to provide a classified defensive briefing for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign, as summarized below,’ the redacted document reads. ‘[Redacted/ Clinton’s counsel] were advised the FBI has information that the [redacted/ foreign government] is attempting to influence Hillary Clinton through lobbying efforts and campaign contributions.’

Graham did not reveal to Bartiromo which foreign government wanted to assist Clinton in getting elected in 2016.

Instead of taking the same steps in informing the Trump campaign of an investigation, the FBI opened the Crossfire Hurricane operation and pursued a number of FISA warrants against people working with the then-candidate’s campaign.

‘There was a clear double standard by the Department of Justice and FBI when it came to the Trump and Clinton campaigns in 2016,’ the Judiciary chairman tweeted Sunday morning. —DailyMail

If the Left is ok with doing that…

Do any of the stunts we’ve seen them pull since surprise you in the least?

They want power.

And they will gladly hurt anyone who stands in their way.

These are exactly the sort of people who cannot be trusted with any sort of authority.

The country that may or may not have been influencing the Democrats was redacted. Are any of these stories …


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