LMAO: YouTuber’s ‘Why I Wear My Mask’ Video Slams The Virtue-Signaling Mask Zealots

Written by K. Walker on August 4, 2020

In a short, funny YouTube video, this young lady blasts the mask mandates by acting as though she is an advocate–sort-of.

Mask mandates are everywhere. Many medical experts are insisting that masks are the key to stopping the spread of coronavirus, but other experts disagree.

Some of the mask mandates are annoying, but at least can be based on a modicum of logic like being in a small, enclosed space where social distancing isn’t possible. Other mask mandates such as the ones in several states–New Jersey, New York, California, and the District of Columbia–that require residents to don face coverings every time they are outside of their homes, even if they’re alone, are not based on science and are really just kind of silly.

We’ve seen thousands gather in the streets marching shoulder-to-shoulder and yelling while their cloth masks slip down to their chins, and that is apparently perfectly fine, pandemic be damned. But church–well that’s another story. Even if it’s an open-air service on a California beach. 

We’ve all seen videos of people freaking out when they see someone enter a building with their face uncovered. 

Why is that? Well, people believe that wearing a mask is the moral thing to do.

New York Governor Andrew “Grandma Killer” Cuomo kept saying that wearing a mask is showing respect for your fellow human beings and it’s the “right” thing to do. He also insists that “masks work” but the science isn’t exactly settled on how effective cotton masks really are…unless you’re looking at the 2015 study that says that they aren’t effective and may make things worse.

But even Gov. Cuomo has been spotted without his mask:

Governor ‘Wear Your Mask’ Cuomo Spotted In Georgia WITHOUT A Mask–Exempts Himself From 14-Day Quarantine

Now, we’ve got a bunch of mask zealots–some of whom were out there in mass protests–out there treating people who don’t wear masks as though they are selfish and morally inferior to others.

This young lady parodies them quite well and makes the points that wearing the mask and other COVID mandates aren’t about “flattening the curve” anymore–it goes far beyond that.

This was posted by someone with the username “What’s Her Face” on YouTube as well as on Instagram.

From the YouTube description box:

I love my mask. It’s a simple and effective way to display my righteousness. Am I concerned that two children in China died because they were forced to wear a mask in gym class? NOPE! I concerned that I’m contributing to an impending socialist technocracy that will enslave the global population? NO! Am I concerned that my mask is symbolic of my compliance to the social conditioning that will eventually lead to the forced vaccination of every man, woman, and child on planet earth? Not a chance!

Why am I not concerned you ask? Because I decided a long time ago that shallow insignificant gestures are a much easier way to showcase my morality than actually being moral. Because in order to be a really good person, I need to stand up to a really bad person, and I don’t like standing up to or for anything. It’s much easier to trick my mind into thinking compliance is a virtue instead of what it really is, cowardice.


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