Man Attacks 68yo Woman Before Throwing Her Onto Subway Tracks… Is This A Hate Crime?

Written by Wes Walker on August 4, 2020

Shouldn’t AOC be all over TV, decrying such a vicious crime that occurred in her own backyard?
An old woman beaten and called racial slurs before being thrown onto the subway tracks? Doesn’t this sound like a woman fell victim to a hate crime?

It’s a genuine outrage. And one that AOC will remain stone silent about.

She’s too busy looking for long-dead Sainted Hawaiian missionaries to make up insane allegations of racism to notice any social evils in her hometown.

What kind of a sick slob do you have to be to beat the hell out of a woman and kick her, calling her ‘a cracker’ let alone throw her onto the subway tracks?

Oh, wait.

The guy jumped a turnstile before laying a beating on her, didn’t he?

AOC had some very sympathetic things to say about turnstile jumpers. They’re just misunderstood, or something, right?

No wonder she isn’t jumping on this issue. She probably thinks he’s the victim in this story.

There’s NOTHING manly about a gutless punk who beats on an old woman.

If you want to see a solid masculine example, you need look no farther than this.

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