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MASK MANIACS: Massachusetts Chief Health Officer Tells Residents To Wear Masks Inside Their Own Homes

These unelected schmucks have taken it upon themselves to mandate how people live in their own damned homes and we’re all supposed to wring our hands about Trump being ‘an authoritarian’? Physicians heal thyselves!

Not wanting to let a crisis go to waste, tinpot tyrants are flexing their unearned authority by dressing up their new commandments in the guise of science.

It’s time we turn that COVIDIOT insult back at the jackbooted bureaucrats who insist the public must dance to their tune.

Wearing masks comes with trade-offs. They’re imperfect. Once they become damp, they don’t do anything. If they are ill-fitting, they’re worthless. And so on.

But modern medical experts are now relying on the ‘magical’ protection of masks in almost the way that others relied on a garlic necklace to ward off the flu about 100 years ago.

The top health official in Massachusetts has recommended that some residents wear masks inside their own homes if they live in areas with high rates of coronavirus.

Health and Human Services Secretary Marylou Sudders made the suggestion on Tuesday after raising alarm about four cities – Chelsea, Everett, Lynn and Revere – that have been reporting more than eight daily cases per 100,000 residents on average over the last two weeks.

‘To residents of these communities, we have some simple messages: There is an extremely high level of COVID in your community,’ Sudders said.

‘Residents of these higher risk communities should wear a mask at all times, particularly when you cannot keep six feet away from others.

‘You should also consider wearing a face covering inside your home if an older individual or someone with compromised medical condition is part of your immediate household.’-DailyMail

If you live in the same house as someone who’s high-risk, wouldn’t it make more sense just to keep your distance? After all, these masks were only intended for those situations where we are ‘unable to socially distance’.

Chances are someone who’s high-risk in your house has a separate bedroom that they can retreat to if there is any concern that exposure to symptoms might be an issue.

But maybe that’s too straightforward a solution for people who presume to micromanage our lives.

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