NYC Councilman, A Democrat, Credits Hydroxychloroquine Treatment With His COVID Recovery

Written by Wes Walker on August 10, 2020

He was near death and he recovered. So why are we so timid about talking about a drug with a proven track record longer than even Fauci’s time as a government employee?

It might make some logical sense [on a purely Machiavellian level] to claim a Republican is spouting party talking points about this highly-politicized drug.

But what could a DEMOCRAT possibly gain by lying about it, let alone a New York Democrat?

That’s right. An elected Democrat from the Big Apple had a brush with death, and ‘that’ drug regimen played a key role in his recovery.

A Democratic New York City Councilman says hydroxychloroquine saved his life after a near-fatal run-in with COVID-19 in March.

Paul Vallone, who represents northeast Queens, took the drug along with a standard Z-pack — given for bacterial infections — and came back from the brink almost immediately.

“I couldn’t breathe, very weak, couldn’t get out of bed. My doctor prescribed it. My pharmacy had it. Took it that day and within two to three days I was able to breathe,” Vallone told The Post. “Within a week I was back on my feet.”

Though Vallone went public with his coronavirus diagnosis in an April 1 Twitter post, saying he was experiencing “mild symptoms,” his actual condition was considerably more severe. Vallone’s initial prognosis was particularly grim, as he also suffers from sarcoidosis, an auto-immune disease that attacks his lungs.

“We were in panic mode when I went down because I didn’t have a lot of immune response,” he said. “I needed something to stay alive.”

Hydroxychloroquine “worked for me.”

Vallone’s brother Peter, a former City Councilman and a current civil court judge in Queens, also became a convert after his brother’s illness. — NYPost

If we have seen example after example of recovery, those are relevant data points.

Since when has science ever been wilfully blind to relevant data? That’s the role of dogma.

And it sounds like it might be the role of POLITICAL dogma.

How about we dig deep and get a clear picture of what this medicine regimen can and cannot help with, and follow the data wherever it leads us? We used to call that ‘science’.

From here in the cheap seats, it seems obvious that nobody benefits from silence, one way or the other.

But chances are, this Democrat — and more importantly, his story — will be conveniently dropped in a memory hole somewhere.

Just like some other Democrats before him.

Just like the Texas doctor who had treated hundreds of patients — with zero fatalities — had her viral video deleted and censored, and her personal character attacked and impugned.

How hard would it be for experts to take a look at her patient files (according to whatever proper steps the patient info is protected in such situations) to see if her claim is legitimate?

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