OOPS: Army Investigating Soldiers Who Wore Uniform In DNC Video

Written by Wes Walker on August 21, 2020

If this were the Republican event, the media would be crying bloody murder. But we’ve long since stopped expecting any pretense of honesty from the press.

The military is for the service of the entire country, not for political advocacy. When someone wears that uniform, they represent the entire nation.

When someone falls in battle while wearing it, they do so while representing the entire nation.

The Democrats are well aware of this. How many times have we seen their side clutch their pearls if the troops DARE to wear a MAGA hat when their Commander-In-Chief pays them a personal visit?

And remember how upset they were when Trump took an unscripted walk across LaFayette Park with some uniformed officers walking with him?

But if you’re a Democrat, rules are for suckers.

The Army is investigating the appearance of two soldiers who appeared in uniform in a video for the Democratic National Convention, raising concerns of politicization of the military, it said in a statement Wednesday.

During the roll call broadcast, two soldiers who were not identified flanked officials from American Samoa while the territory announced its delegates. Democratic Party spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa called their appearance “an oversight,” as Defense Department rules prohibit troops from appearing in uniform at partisan political or campaign events.

“Each state was asked to highlight issues and values that matter most and the American Samoa delegation wanted to highlight their commitment to military service when they filmed their segment,” the official explained.

…Earlier this year, Defense Department Secretary Mark Esper issued a periodic reminder to troops to be mindful during an election year to “uphold DoD’s longstanding tradition of remaining apolitical as we carry out our official responsibilities.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party platform calls for an end to “the Trump Administration’s politicization of the armed forces.”

There’s really no excuse for this. It was all filmed and sent in ahead of time. Everyone involved would have known that this photo op included soldiers standing in uniform.

Everyone knew it was forbidden — after all, it was a fricken party talking point in late May or early June.

They ran it anyway.

And now, having already served their usefulness, the party won’t have to deal with any personal consequences those WEARING the uniforms will have to face.

Like so many other illicit decisions the party makes, that’s someone else’s problem to deal with.

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