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PORTLAND: ‘Peaceful Protester’ Murders Trump Supporter In Cold Blood

After months of the Left excusing and emboldening the behavior of lawbreaking marauders, and pretending that Antifa and their related groups are not a menace to society, they have moved up to political assassinations.

Good going, Democrats and other media flunkies. Great job helping promote their cause, crowdfunding their bail and — in the case of Congressional Democrats — explicitly refusing to denounce their violent activities.

According to the Times, the man who was killed was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat, which is a right-wing group based in Portland. After the shooting, other videos showed the police blocking off the street as paramedics attempted to treat the victim.

…The Portland Police Bureau told the Times that officers heard gunshots at around 9 p.m. and when they arrived on the scene, they found the victim, who had received a gunshot wound to the chest. They added that the victim died. No information was released about the suspected gunman. Heavy reached out to the police department for more information but did not immediately hear back.

Police Chief Chuck Lovell told the outlet on Sunday morning, “This violence is completely unacceptable, and we are working diligently to find and apprehend the individual or individuals responsible.” — Heavy

There’s video. But first, let’s take a moment to remember the Left’s refusal to even acknowledge Antifa’s violence. Antifa, you say?

How high will the body count have to get before someone cares? Here is Portland’s Antifa gathered together, cheering the death of this man, and (so it seems) inviting their group to kill others, also.

Here’s the response with people trying to come to the aid of a guy who has been shot for supporting the ‘wrong’ political party.

This was coordinated, premeditated, and executed in cold blood.

Be forewarned, the following clip shows the actual shooting.

Did you hear the ‘spotter’? He said something like, “We’ve got another one right here.”

This is exactly the kind of media B.S. that lets these insurrectionists get away with it:

If only somebody could have done something about this.

No-Show Joe Biden would be quick to tell us that this is Trump’s America, right.

Well there’s a problem with that. The President was trying to do just that. But Wheeler had no interest in bringing these rioters to heel.

Now Wheeler has got a man’s death on his conscience — if indeed he has a conscience.

Democrats are trying to box Trump in. If cities burn… it’s his fault.

If he invokes his lawful powers in the event of an insurrection, he’s an ‘authoritarian’… despite his restraint and respect of local authority and lawful divisions of political power.

Scott Adams predicted precisely this escalation way back. Scott’s tweet went up on the first of July.

Don Lemon may have suddenly started backpedaling away from this violence now that he has realized these riots are hurting Democrats in the polls. His latest effort is to try to point the finger of blame at Trump.

CNN’s Don Lemon Says That Democrats Should Try To Pin The Ongoing Rioting On President Trump (VIDEO)

The rest of the Democrats seem to be playing the same game. But we all remember what the CNN crew has said in defense of these violent acts for the entirety of Trump’s presidency.

Here’s a little context for why we say the Democrats need to own this problem.

Scalise has some first-hand insight into the Democrat’s penchant for violence, having barely survived an assassination attempt himself.

The anarchists are perhaps the only Democrats whose promises you can actually believe:

Dear CNN: Antifa Promises ‘Bullets’ For Political Rivals – Is That ‘News?’

DJT Jr. has had them pegged from Day One.

WATCH: DJT Jr. Claims Antifa Are America’s REAL Fascists … Is He Right?

ClashDaily has been long since predicting the ‘punch-a-Nazi’ trend would lead us here.

If none of that is enough to convince you that Dems own this violence, how about this little stroll down memory lane?

It’s by no means a comprehensive list. You can get some others by punching your favorite search term into our convenient search bar.

Murdering a guy who can’t defend himself is NOT a sign of manhood or toughness. It’s quite the opposite.

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Wes Walker

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