Reagan Speechwriter Says Biden’s Veep Announcement Plagiarized A Portion Of One Of The Gipper’s Speeches

Written by Wes Walker on August 14, 2020

Biden has been caught plagiarizing so many other things before now, should it really surprise us that he gets caught doing it again this year? From political speeches, to Bernie’s campaign promises does the man have any original thoughts?

The wheels fell off of Biden’s first Presidential run when he got busted using an almost word-for-word rewrite of a speech delivered by British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock. Biden had to drop out of the race in 1987 when Dukakis advanced to face the George H W Bush campaign.

What’s ironic is that the election in ’88 was won by the same person who was introduced with the speech Biden just lifted to introduce Kamala as his running mate.

That’s right. Reagan’s speechwriter, Jeffrey Lord, recognized the speech introducing Kamala as an echo of words he himself had once written.

Wow. Former Vice President Joe Biden, replete with a serious history of plagiarism as noted here in The New York Times in 1987 – quoting my younger self in the Reagan White House who nailed him on plagiarizing from Bobby Kennedy – is at it again.

Reagan speechwriter Ken Khachigian alerted Reagan alumni, of which I am one, that in listening to Joe Biden’s introduction of running mate Senator Kamala Harris he heard …ahhhhh…something familiar. Specifically, it was this – as seen here:

Said Joe:

“We can define America simply in one word: “Possibilities.” Possibilities. Let me say it again; possibilities. That’s America.”

Ken, one of the crack speechwriters for President Reagan, knew exactly where he had heard this talk of America and possibilities before. It was September 3, 1984, where the President was speaking at a Reagan–Bush campaign rally in Fountain Valley, California. Said Reagan:

“Now, we’ve heard what others have offered to the American people today, in this year. They have said that America is nothing if it isn’t promises. Well, America isn’t about promises; it never has been. America is about promise. It’s about possibility. —JeffryLord

It’s bad that Joe so seldom has an original thought of his own and has to copy other people.

It’s worse that he has a habit of poaching other people’s words.

Worse still that the words he lifted THIS time were from the very person who busted him for plagiarism the FIRST time.

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