REPORT: 9 Out Of 10 Belgian Medics Believe It’s ‘Acceptable’ To Kill A Baby With Disabilities

Written by Wes Walker on August 26, 2020

When you stop seeing all human life as sacred, it leaves room for other value systems. Some of them take us to some pretty dark places.

This is what happens when the government thinks THEY are footing your medical bills. And in countries where Kevorkian’s attitudes toward human life have taken root in medical institutions. Accounting principles and dollar-cost-benefit thinking seeps into decisions about which lives are really *worth* saving.

Until recently, it was an uncontroversial statement to say that every human life has value… not based on how perfect they are or are not, but simply because they are human.

The West, in particular, owes that approach to the concept of being made in God’s image — the very principle whose seed helped overthrow modern practices of slavery and extend various other rights and protections to people that didn’t always have them.

But as the West has ‘upgraded’ past religious moral values with secular atheism. And what price did we have to pay for that swap? Oh, not much. Just the societal loss of any sense of intrinsic human worth.

Not surprisingly, there’s an abortion connection.

A team of researchers surveyed medics at all eight of the Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the Flanders region of Belgium and found that 89.1 per cent thought it morally proper to kill disabled newborns, a process euphemistically described as “after-birth abortion”.

The response rate to the survey was very high (79 per cent) and all respondents were either physicians (51.1 per cent) or paramedical professionals (49.9 per cent).

All of those taking part in the survey are involved in caring for babies born with a serious health condition and are designated as decision-makers for late-term abortions, the Christian Institute reported on Friday.

The study, which set out to discover “Healthcare professionals’ attitudes towards termination of pregnancy at viable stage”, found that medics working in this area of care had “a high degree of tolerance” for late-term abortions, with nearly all (95.6 per cent) saying they are open to the practice if an unborn baby’s disability is deemed “serious but not lethal”.

Among its conclusions, the study found that healthcare professionals practising late late-term abortions in Flanders “are demanding legislative change regarding active life‐ending in the fetal and neonatal periods” — meaning greater leeway to commit infanticide when they deem it appropriate.–Breitbart

By Europe’s supposed ‘standards’, Governor Blackface/Klanhood Northam isn’t a moral monster for supporting infanticide.

Oh, no.

The real reason he was met with such opposition here is that he’s slightly ahead of our time.

Well, more than one of our readers might agree that if THIS is what the road ahead looks like, maybe it’s time for the rest of us to change course.


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