The Anti-Trump Media(D) Are Ignoring These 7 Stories Because They Might Help Trump In November

Written by Wes Walker on August 18, 2020

The press is supposed to play the roles of referees in the BloodSport of politics. They’re using their tools to push a preferred outcome, instead.

Call it a ‘thumb on the scale’ or ‘rigging the match’ you can get more authenticity out of a Pro Wrestling referee than you would out of any of the major networks or papers.

Which brings us to the next question. How are they embarrassing themselves, and demonstrating their stark lack of professionalism lately?

The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland has put together a quick list of Seven Stories that are getting buried by the press, lest the truth of them benefit Trump.

1. Spygate.

The evidence is damning that there was a deliberate and illicit cabal of high-ranking members of those charged with overseeing our Law and Intelligence services who abused their tools and authority to sabotage a political rival — even AFTER he was duly elected as President of the United States.

Coverage of the charge against Clinesmith is already receding, but the story deserves relentless investigative reporting. Clinesmith was deeply involved in the Crossfire Hurricane surveillance of Trump, including in the FBI’s decision to task Joe Pientka with spying on the Trump campaign during an intelligence briefing. Further, Clinesmith altered the email while a member of Special Counsel Mueller’s team and the special counsel’s office then obtained the fourth and final FISA surveillance order on Page.

That a member of the supposedly independent special counsel’s office falsified a document to get a surveillance order and allegedly committed a felony should burn up the wire for weeks. But instead, we get misdirection and minimization from the press, because heaven forbid the public to learn that Trump was right:it was a witch hunt.

A couple of weeks ago, another Spygate-related development was also sidestepped by the press. The Department of Justice announced its results from sampling FISA applications, telling Americans that the analysis of 29 different applications to the secret foreign intelligence surveillance court showed they “all contained a sufficient basis for probable cause” and that there were “only two material errors, neither of which invalidated the authorizations granted by the FISA Court.”

That conclusion starkly contrasts the 17 significant errors Inspector General Michael Horowitz found in just the FISA applications submitted to surveil former Trump campaign advisor Page. Unlike the 29 randomly reviewed FISA applications which, notwithstanding an array of errors, were found to be supported by probable cause, the DOJ concluded probable cause did not exist for at least two of the four applications submitted to surveil Page—and in turn the Trump campaign and administration.

2. Israel and United Arab Emirates Normalize Relations

Obama got a Peace Prize about 5 minutes after taking office, yet he somehow managed to leave the entire Middle East as a smoking crater on his way out of office, triggering an Immigration Crisis of unimaginable scale.

Trump, on the other hand, announced he would try to negotiate a peace deal in the Middle East, was widely criticized for naming his son-in-law Kushner to his team, and he STILL managed to deliver on that impossible-sounding promise. Rumors swirl that there may yet be other dominoes to fall now that this deal has been reached.

Last week also showed the press skimming over news that should make peace-seeking nations cheer: The normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Again, the media covered the news, even acknowledging its historic nature, but with a pivot playing the achievement as a culmination of a decade of outreach between the two Middle Eastern countries. The Trump administration’s leadership received short shrift.

3. Big News on Terrorism Sponsor Iran

Trump was demonized for ordering the drone strike on Soleimani, while no mention is made about Iran’s execution of those involved in a 2017 uprising.

On Friday, there were two new developments about Iran. How the media plays these stories will be telling. Will the press highlight the Trump administration’s failed bid to extend a UN arms embargo on Iran? Or will the media provide detailed reporting on the news that the Department of Justice seized the “largest-ever” “fuel shipments from Iran,” which headed to Venezuela on four Iranian fuel tankers?

By week’s end, we’ll know whether the media opts to focus on the former while downplaying Trump’s recent success in pressuring the Iranian regime.

4. Major News on China

Beyond publishing propaganda-laced fluff pieces, the press proved its hatred of Trump by providing only scant coverage of three stories: China’s takeover of Hong Kong, its persecution of Uighurs, and its use of TikTok and WeChat to spy on Americans.

While the media has touched on these topics, the coverage is neither representative of their significance nor near the coverage it dedicated to faux scandals harmful to the president, such as when Michael Avenatti repeated Julie Swetnick’s lies about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The media’s coverage of the Kavanaugh confirmation circus shows its strength in pushing a narrative, but sadly, journalists have failed to use their power to unite the world in opposition to China’s sickening persecution of Uighurs and Hong Kong citizens.

5. The Chinavirus (COVID-19)

We saw the hysteria over HCQ, including social media accounts frozen, and medical careers ended over a mere positive mention of it.

The reporting sets itself as contra Trump. He’s FOR the schools reopening, so any stories about the harm caused by schools staying closed will be suppressed.

They shout bodycounts from the rooftops when they can be framed to hurt Trump (facts be damned), but fall strangely silent when the ax of political responsibility threatens to fall the neck of someone like Cuomo for literally signing the death warrant of so many Nursing Home residents with a political order to accept Covid positive patients into the most vulnerable populations.

The deaths of the elderly in states like New York that forced nursing homes to take in COVID-positive patients would also be a national scandal if it didn’t counter the liberal narrative that Trump is to blame for COVID deaths. Likewise, the Centers for Disease Control’s antiquated flu surveillance system would be the stuff of investigative reporting, but for the vindication it would provide to Trump, who directed the CDC to create an entirely new system to track COVID.

American pharmaceutical companies might have even been championed for their record-breaking efforts to develop an effective vaccine for COVID. However, highlighting the promise of a late-year vaccine would only provide a dual-edged plus for the president by both showcasing his strong leadership and prompting Americans to sense a quick economic recovery. So the story stays muted.

6. Election 2020

The media is strangely disinterested in:
-Biden’s health (like they were about Hillary’s)
-Awkward questions his Veep pick should have spawned
– racist?
– Tara Reade?
– Ducking Media questions?
– Lack of press conferences?

But Trump is supposedly rigging the Postal Service?

7. Riots? What Riots?

There is violence in the streets and a mounting body count.
You might expect people to care about this threat to law and order.

But instead, they are turning the attention onto ‘peaceful protesters’ and police brutality. Even if that consigns some neighborhoods into being perpetual warzones and some businesses into oblivion.

YOUR safety and employment is a small sacrifice THEY are willing to make ‘for the greater good’.

At any other time and under any other president, the media would have descended on the Portland federal courthouse to report the insurrection taking place. Reporters would have infiltrated the autonomous zone and covered the rampant crime and violence occurring. Profiles of the small business owners whose livelihoods were destroyed by the riots would run.

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