The Persecuted Church

Written by Doug Giles on August 23, 2020

While believers in the West sweat about that one internet atheist who flamed them on social media, Christians around the planet are facing actual questions of life and death. That is what we mean by the ‘persecuted church’.

Imagine how your life would change if every church in your neighborhood had at least one pastor who had been shot dead for his faith. Because that’s the kind of world we live in. We just don’t see it because it’s not staring us right in the face.

THAT is what our guest today is talking about. And he should know something about it. He’s the CEO of Open Doors.

We sit down with our guest David Curry to talk about the Persecuted Church, and just how many Christians are dying for their faith even today.

(Hint: it’s more than were killed in 1st Century Rome.)

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