Tinkerpots From Seattle-Based Activist Group Were Arrested In Kenosha After Filling Up Multiple Gas Cans–Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on August 29, 2020

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Kenosha police were tipped off to “several suspicious vehicles with out-of-state license plates” that met in a remote lot on Wednesday. Kenosha police, assisted by U.S. Marshals, conducted a surveillance operation. They discovered a black school bus, a minivan, and a bread truck with out-of-state plates were all congregating in a remote lot and followed them in unmarked vehicles. The activists were taken into custody after filling up multiple gas cans.

A 2-minute clip shared Wednesday by Riot Kitchen, a Seattle-based nonprofit group, shows officers in the southeastern Wisconsin city descending on a Toyota minivan with Oregon plates that held its bus crew before they shattered a window and pulled out two people near a gas station.

The group claimed its members were “kidnapped by feds in unmarked vans” in broad daylight ahead of the city’s curfew put in place following the police shooting of Jacob Blake on Sunday.

“We are currently trying to find our friends who were there just to feed people,” the group tweeted.

Source: New York Post

Riot Kitchen is a Seattle-based non-profit organization that provides free vegan food for protesters. It’s basically a food truck that uses crowdfunding to meet their expenses so that they can support protesters, activists, and agitators. According to their GoFundMe page, Riot Kitchen was started by Maehem, a queer black woman, to provide food to George Floyd protesters in Seattle.

A group of activists from five states to the west filling up a whole bunch of gas cans in a city that has seen businesses set on fire night after night isn’t suspicious, right?

Nah, they were just in the neighborhood.

Either that or they ran out of stuff to burn in Seattle and Portland.

Jennifer Schuerle, who is a board member of Riot Kitchen told the Washington Post that six members of their group from the bread truck and bus were arrested off-camera.

Riot Kitchen is saying that the members of the group were “kidnapped by feds” in Kenosha.

A statement released by the Kenosha Police Department explains the arrests.

Suspecting that the occupants of these vehicles were preparing for criminal activity related to the civil unrest, officers attempted to make contact and investigate. The officers exited their vehicles, identified themselves, were wearing appropriate identification, and then detained the occupants of the bus and bread truck.

The minivan attempted to drive away; however, Kenosha Police stopped this vehicle and ultimately forced entry to the minivan and arrested the occupants.

The vehicles contained various items that included helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks, and suspected controlled substances. The 9 individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct and are pending charging decisions by the Kenosha County District Attorney.

Oh, dear! It looks like they crossed multiple state lines to “bring food” to the protesters in Kenosha and got themselves arrested.

No one believes that.

Why were they filling up jerry cans, then?

And who would eat free vegan crap from a food truck?!

These guys were clearly some of those out-of-state agitators that the locals in Kenosha have been complaining about.

It’s easier to smash and destroy if you don’t know the people whose businesses that you’re burning down.

It looks like some of the people involved in what Mayor Jenny Durkin called Seattle’s “Summer of Love” was trying to spread the “love” to Wisconsin, but unlike Ms. Durkin, Kenosha was smart enough to take the help of the feds and cut that crap short.

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