WATCH: Buddy Of Pro-Trump Patriot Shot And Killed In Portland Says ‘They Hunted Us Down’

Written by K. Walker on August 31, 2020

The business partner of Aaron “Jay” Danielson was walking beside him when he was shot and killed in Portland on Saturday night.

The unidentified man stood in front of a Blue Lives Matter flag wearing a Patriot Prayer hat and gave his account as an eyewitness to the shooting of his buddy in an exclusive interview with The Common Sense Conservative. 


The man said that Jay Danielson was “executed” because he was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat and that he and Danielson were “hunted down.”

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He said that the situation escalated when two people recognized the hats. “‘We got a couple of ’em right here. We got a couple of ’em right here. Pull it out. Pull it out,'” he heard one person shout. This can be heard on one of the videos of the incident included in the ClashDaily article here. 

He said that there was no prior interaction with the shooter, and he believes that they were targeted because it was just the two of them walking apart from the other Trump supporters.

He said that the situation in Portland has been tense for years with leftwing activists trying to shut down any opposing views for some time.

He also notes that although many of the leftwing protesters have had charges dropped against them, rightwing protesters have rioting charges against them for carrying a flag.

“Jay’s dead because he believed something different,” he said.

“He’s “not a racist, he’s not a xenophobe or whatever label, he’s not an ‘ist’ or an ‘ism.’ He’s an independent man,” the unidentified man continues. “He’s a good man. And he didn’t do anything to earn a bullet in the chest.”

This man is concerned that there will be an escalation of the violence.


The man was asked if he had a message for President Trump and he responded, “send troops.”

President Trump agrees that the National Guard should be deployed to Portland to restore order.

President Trump also tweeted about Jay Danielson.

Patriot Prayer is an organization that advocates for free speech and its leader, Joey Gibson, has organized pro-Trump events. The group isn’t especially well-known across the United States, other than in some rightwing circles, but it has been very active in the Pacific Northwest.

The group has been criticized by activists and the media as a group of “far-right” violent group of racists. Some have labeled the group “alt-right” but Gibson rejects that characterization. The group is incredibly diverse. Gibson has disavowed white supremacy. He’d make a pretty awful white supremacist anyway since he is mixed Irish and Japanese. Gibson also calls himself a “conservative libertarian.”

The issue is that the Proud Boys, a group of rightwingers who have had some racist agitators join their ranks, often show up at Patriot Prayer events. The Proud Boys have no trouble mixing it up and getting into violent altercations with Antifa and other activists. Patriot Prayer members have been willing to defend themselves if they are attacked, and they frequently are.

It’s interesting how the same media and leftists who are saying that it’s wrong to label all of the BLM protesters as rioters because of a few agitators are denouncing Patriot Prayer for having the same thing happen at their rallies–or when defending themselves when counter-protesters show up.

A man is dead and “our betters” on the left have been actively fanning the flames for years because Orange Man Bad.


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