WATCH: Mail-In Ballot Problems Explained In Words Even Alyssa Milano Could Understand

Written by Wes Walker on August 19, 2020

Look very carefully at these two ballots. What do you notice about them?

Not so very long ago, Democrats pretended to be worried about the integrity of our elections being tampered with by a few thousand dollars of Russian Facebook Ads. This was weird, since their ‘Lightbringer’ Obama himself assured us that the elections were NOT in any danger of being hacked by Russians.

Now, whenever somebody points out that there are several known potential points of failure. For some examples, ballots could either fail to arrive at the right person’s home, a duplicate ballot could arrive at an old address or even someone else’s home, and a dummy test put on by a Philadelphia Media outlet showed an alarmingly high failure rate with only 200 envelopes.

That’s just the human error side of things.

This video shows a more serious and egregious potential failure point than any of those. One that is far less innocuous.

Do you believe in the importance of the Secret Ballot?

Because we don’t have that with this Mass Mailing system.

The letter carrier will know, with some degree of certainty, whether they are holding a Trump vote or a Biden vote.

We’ve already seen individual examples of corrupt letter carriers convicted of messing with ballots… this year.

Add in the motive of self-interest (Democrats are pledging to throw money at the postal service and are framing themselves as their great defenders) together with the ability to act without being seen and you suddenly have a dangerously incentivized scenario where disenfranchisement and vote manipulation isn’t just possible but it’s probable.

Having the ballots clearly marked with an R or a D only makes it that much worse.

And the Democrats pretend that REPUBLICANS are trying to unfairly manipulate the vote?

They’re not even committed to the Secret Ballot!