WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Says That There Shouldn’t Be ANY Debates Because TRUMP Is Undermining Democracy–Is She Nuts?

Written by Wes Walker on August 27, 2020

The Democrat gambit to shield Biden from getting ripped to shreds in a debate has now hit full stride.

Back in March, a few different trial balloons went up. They were not all that well received. Remember the NYTimes columnist who suggested that Biden should make it contingent on Trump submitting his taxes? That didn’t get traction.

There were a few other conversations about it. But now they have settled on their line of attack. Trump is ‘unworthy’ of Biden lowering himself to debating him.

He’s just a ‘liar’, after all.

“I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him,” she says. And there was more nonsense like it.

Joe reacts:

He’s claiming he will have to fact-check Trump because there’s ‘been one lie after another’.

That’s pretty rich for someone who has elevated as the cornerstone of his campaign a lie that any 3rd grader with the ability to read a transcript could disprove.

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Can someone tell this draconian harpy that the whole point of debates is NOT for the benefit of one candidate or another, but so that the American PUBLIC can see their candidates interact so they can make an informed decision about their choice going forward?

That would be great. Thanks.