WATCH: These Pro-Trump Flotillas Are A Thing Of MAGA Beauty

Written by Wes Walker on August 31, 2020

In a time of ‘social distancing’ where the standard marches and rallies can’t happen — and idiots are ready block the streets even if you try — people have gotten creative.

We are seeing boat parades popping up everywhere. It’s the sort of display that urban marchers and agitators don’t have any means of stopping.

Like anything else in MAGA-land it’s got some colorful branding.

Floatilla + Trump = “Trumptilla”

These Trumptillas have been setting records… of the Guinness variety.

But this phenomenon isn’t just happening in South Carolina.

Here is just a quick recap of some other Trumptilla action around the country.


New Jersey:


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If we were looking for some way to guage enthusiasm, this may be it.