Will Leftists Denounce BLM Chicago’s Extremism?

Written by Wes Walker on August 22, 2020

These ‘activists’ are not interested in merely persuading the public to agree with their policy. They fully intend to FORCE their vision of the future on the rest of us — whether we like it or not.

The Framers did NOT want mob rule to hold the balance of power in America. We’re looking at the reason why.

What are their demands you ask, well, they tweeted that out a few days ago along with a charming poster of a protester appearing to get ready to “break” the “piggy bank” of the Chicago PD which is a pig in a police uniform.

What do they really want? There’s a reason they are breaking things and taking stuff. They think they are entitled to it.

In an election cycle where Kamala scolded Biden for his position on bussing and integrated schools, we have activist groups pushing for…


Can we expect anyone on the Left to denounce it?

Don’t hold your breath. This is Chicago, after all.

Obama’s old stomping grounds.

Check out who retweeted this link…that friend of Barry’s where he launched his Senate campaign. What activist group did HE have ties to again?

Oh, that’s right, The Weather Underground. Jailbreaks, robberies and bombings.

Ayers was accused by San Francisco police as being involved in a 1970 bombing of a police station… a bombing whose morality Ayers has defended.

Suddenly Obama’s antipathy to the police, his disgusting comments after the Dallas massacre, and his support of the explicitly revolutionary Marxist aims of the BLM movement make a lot of sense.

But we’re all supposed to treat these groups as some sort of a legitimate expression First Amendment protests? Their agenda has ZERO interest in the Constitution.

They crave power, pure and simple. And in this election cycle, with the aid of a complicit media, they seem to think it’s now within reach.

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