Antifa-Loving Seattle Shuts Down Planned Christian Event — Then ‘Let Us Worship’ Gets Last Laugh

Written by Wes Walker on September 8, 2020

Seattle has literally elected supporters of Anarchists to run their city, and Antifa is given free rein to create an ‘autonomous zone’ but propose a Christian event? Shut. It. Down!

We all watched the drama unfold when BLM and/or Antifa set up shop in CHAZ/CHOP, until that experiment collapsed under its own weight. Many of those ‘activists’ scattered around the country in an effort to recreate that turbulent experience elsewhere. For example: ‘Peaceful’ BLM Protester Arrested In D.C. Was Also At Protests In Portland And Kenosha–Here’s The 411

Others stuck around to keep the mayhem going right there in Seattle. Including marching on the mayor’s house. Some of the city’s elected officials even romanticized the rioters.

Let’s compare that to a Christian event in the same city.

Seattle plans to shut down a park to prevent a Christian rally from being held there on Labor Day even as left-wing protesters descended on the city for a holiday weekend of mass anti-Trump and anti-police demonstrations.

Sean Feucht Ministries had scheduled a worship rally Monday at Gas Works Park, but Seattle Parks and Recreation said in a Friday statement that the park would be closed that day “due to anticipated crowding that could impact the public health of residents,” citing the risk of novel coronavirus transmission.

“Out of concerns for the safety of all those who visit Gas Works Park we have opted to close the entire park for the day,” said the department. “Seattle Parks and Recreation does not allow unpermitted public events to take place in Seattle parks and asks the public [to] continue to adhere to current public health guidelines so that we can keep our parks open.”

… “This is the height of hypocrisy for the City of Seattle to turn a blind eye to riots, looting, and AntiFa, while refusing to let Christians gather in a public park to sing and worship,” said Mr. Feucht in a statement. “First the government shuts down churches. Now it’s shutting down parks to stop us from worshipping. Time to stand up church!”

He indicated in a Facebook post Saturday that he planned to hold the event anyway, posting, “We’ll see ya in Seattle on Monday” at Gas Works Park.”


Oh, really? The same city that allowed several blocks to become commandeered by the violent insurrectionists suddenly has objections to the ‘improper use’ of public property?

The city put up all kinds of fencing, posted signs, and had park rangers patrolling.

Did Feucht run up the white flag of surrender?

Hell no.

After all, he came back despite his group facing knife-wielding Antifa members on his last visit.

He reframed the Let Us Worship rally as a ‘protest’ and they gathered anyway — across the street.

“If this was about COVID that would be one thing,” said Feucht in an interview with KIRO 7 Monday, addressing criticism over his defiance of coronavirus restrictions. “But this is about a blatant discrimination against Christians because the same questions were not asked and are still not asked about protesters.”

Faced with a closed park and park rangers moving people along, Feucht and his supporters met for more than two hours across the street from Gas Works Park, singing and worshiping as some in the crowd were baptized.

“The opposite side of it is the CHOP,” said one man who drove from Pierce County to attend the rally but did not want to be named. “They open it up and let them do whatever they want but they don’t let Christians come here and peaceably assemble. I don’t understand the hypocrisy of that.” –KIRO7

Let those other believers cower in caves like the Prophets did in Elijah’s day.

This guy isn’t putting his ‘light under a bushel’, no matter WHAT the governing authorities have to say about it.