BREAKING: Ron Paul Hospitalized After Possible Stroke He Suffered During A Livestream

Written by Wes Walker on September 25, 2020

Ron Paul, 85, was conducting a live stream event, just after noon, during which he had an apparent medical emergency.

Social media buzz seems to be leaning toward the likelihood of it having been some sort of a stroke, which can vary widely in their severity.

Video showed Paul, also a former presidential candidate and libertarian stalwart, slurring his words and apparently becoming incapacitated during a discussion on the economy. The livestream was subsequently cut and his video channel made private.

The 85-year-old, who is father to Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul, was reportedly hospitalized after the incident. —JustTheNews

Some of the initial reaction to the news:

All of our best wishes to the well being and recovery of Senator Paul, as well as our prayers for him and his family.

UPDATE: Ron Paul has posted about his condition: