COVID UPDATE: While Kamala Blathers Nonsense, Ted Cruz Takes Us To Truthtown (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 8, 2020

It shouldn’t need saying that the tongue of someone who used adultery as her springboard to high office shouldn’t be entirely trusted, but the difference between Dems and Republicans on the science couldn’t be more clear than today.

Biden was ready and willing to shut down our economy (again) if ‘the science’ told him he was supposed to. He has since realized he holds no such authority to do so and has not only walked that statement back, but is pretending that’s not really what he said.

His co-conspirator, meanwhile, is busily telling outrageous lies of her own. The same party that has hectored us for Trump so long both for Trump ‘not acting quickly enough’ and conservatives as ‘not believing science’ when the CDC makes a recommendation, has moved the goalposts again.

Now it’s ‘bad’ to listen to the CDC, if they happen to produce a vaccine too soon. (Too soon, of course, would mean ‘before the election’.)

Levin sums it up perfectly:

And that tired old ‘drink bleach’ line they like to toss around? Trump never once said to inject bleach. Just because you can’t beat him on issues doesn’t give you the right to make crap up. Gutless Dems need to stop putting words in his mouth that he never said.

He was speaking as a layman, directing a question at an actual scientist. Paraphrasing the way I would have reworded that question: is there any analog for using what we already know about destroying the virus on surfaces, including UV light, in applying those principles to our fighting of the virus internally?

This is actually the kind of out-of-the-box spitballing that generates novel treatments… for example — the UV light treatment videos that were suddenly pulled from YouTube.

Meanwhile, the adults in the room are discussing what we DO know about the Chinavirus… you know, FACTUALLY.

Some highlights, with the timestamp:

FALSE POSITIVES (3:46), cause and implications

— Methodolgy is flawed: (4:24)
— Viral ‘artifacts’ (4:55)
— Calibration of tests (5:17) Difference in US vs international
— False positives (5:35) 40-90% of total ‘cases’

Making the tests so hypersensitive actually set the stage for our fear-driven news cycle, complete with death-clocks on the news and political talking points by the Democrats.

Democrats moving the goalposts (9:05)
– Hospitalizations are down
– So are deaths
– But we’re still closed???

LA has their lowest rate of hospitalizations since April 2!

Asymptomatic positives (11:30) and policy implications if they are not contagious.

Nursing homes & NYC (16:10)

Estimate that 20,000 Died in NYC Nursing Home infections (19:05)

Models way back in March that contradicted the big scary one everyone was freaked out by.

Scott Atlas (22:15)

How this virus really works — by weakening the immune system (23:55)

— Dying WITH COVID vs. Dying OF COVID

Proof that masks and isolation measures can’t stop the spread (25:16)
— Hawaii
— Hong Kong
— Phillipines

They couldn’t stop it despite isolation and depsite masks, etc.

So, if we can’t stop it, what’s the next best step? Keep the most vulnerable safe.