Cuomo Backpedals On Restaurant Closures … Was It ‘The Science’ Or ‘The Lawsuit’?

Written by Wes Walker on September 11, 2020

Just a few days ago, Andrew Cuomo had no intention of opening up NYC’s restaurants. Suddenly he’s got a plan for reopening. Was he following the ‘science’ or something else?

The default answer for each and every political decision made since March as been some version of ‘we are following the science’.

Elected officials have not been exercising their judgment, as they were elected to do, they have been following the recommendations of imperfect advisors who regularly reverse their recommendations while claiming ‘science’ to justify both sides of those reversals.

Cuomo has now come forward with a plan to open NYC’s restaurants.

Here’s what was reported on September 9th.

New York City’s restaurants will be allowed to open indoor seating up to 25 percent capacity at the end of this month, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced Wednesday afternoon.

The restaurants will be required to follow multiple health and safety guidelines, Cuomo said, including no bar seating and requiring masks for patrons unless they are seated at a table. The restaurants also must close at midnight, conduct temperature checks of patrons at the door, require one member of each party to leave information for contact tracing, and have air-filtration systems that meet enhanced standards. — TimesUnion

Quite the reversal from just a few days earlier, isn’t it?

Cuomo referenced difficulties enforcing coronavirus restrictions for bars during Thursday’s call.

“We have major problems in New York City with the compliance on the bars,” Cuomo said. “I have beseeched New York City to do a better job on compliance and enforcement. We’ve put together a task force to do the enforcement on Long Island and in New York City. We are taking state police resources from many places to put on that task force.”

New York City restaurants will be in even more trouble if the city is “surrounded by indoor dining but prohibited from participating in it,” New York City Hospitality Alliance executive director Andrew Rigie told FOX Business Thursday.

…Earlier this week, de Blasio seemed to suggest New York City may not resume indoor dining until there’s a coronavirus vaccine.

“If we now open restaurants, that is going to complicate by the hundreds if not thousands the number of establishments that have to be monitored,” Cuomo said. “How is that gonna happen? I don’t have any more state resources to do it.”

…Earlier this week, de Blasio seemed to suggest New York City may not resume indoor dining until there’s a coronavirus vaccine.– FoxNewsBusiness

That was published September 3rd.

So, what changed?

Was there some remarkable new development in the Chinavirus? Is it cured?

Did the dynamics of transmission drastically change?

No, not really. But something else did, as they were discussing on Neil Cavuto’s show:

Where does that stand? TINA OPPEDISANO, IL BACCO RESTAURANT: Hi, Neil. Thank you for having me.

We are suing right now. I think everybody is just sick and tired. Everybody’s fed up. It’s been far too long. Right now, we’re suing the mayor and the governor for $2 billion. That’s just an estimated number on the loss of the past six months.

At this point, we’re just putting ourselves out there. The five boroughs are speaking out. They’re speaking up. And we’re just hoping — we’re hoping for a change. We’re hoping something happens. We’re hoping we catch his attention. And we’re hoping that he eventually says, hey, you know what, you guys can eat indoors, just like the rest of the country can, with the exception of Jersey, now 25 percent, and I know California and some places, too.

A $2 Billion dollar lawsuit? From the restaurant owners?

Isn’t the favorite taunt of the Democrats right now that Trump was putting financial concerns ahead of scientific ones?

How exactly is this any different from what they’re blasting Trump over?

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