DEMONIC: Professor Inflames Race And Law Enforcement Tensions Even Further

Written by Wes Walker on September 1, 2020

If this is the kind of crap they are being fed in schools, it’s no wonder they are churning out so many little Marxist brick-chuckers!

As we share this prof’s tweet, imagine the outrage if a professor said anything comparable about some other racial group? But so long as you’re slandering white folks, and accusing them — in a blanket statement — of condoning murder everything’s A-OK, right?

Here’s the screenshot since she’s likely to delete the original. (Link is ‘here‘ if it’s still live.)

Professor Cottom (with her verified check-mark and 141k followers) just used her private account to apparently accuse all white people of racialized murderous intent.

How incredibly non-divisive of her.

And she doubled down in the comments below it:

Before we play the ‘she’s saying it on her private account’ card, the University of North Carolina promotes her Twitter account.

This is the bio she supplied with an article she wrote in March. For Harvard.

I am an assistant professor of sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University. I teach race/ethnicity, contemporary theory, sociology of (higher) education, and digital sociology at the undergraduate and graduate level. I am the author of Lower Ed: How For-Profit Colleges Deepen Inequality, forthcoming from The New Press. I am an editorial writer at The Message and contributing editor at Dissent.

So she doesn’t get a pass for being dumb. What she said has some other explanation.

Let’s go to the source of what she was critiquing, first.

In an appearance on CNN, [Senator Ron] Johnson [R-WI] said, “The way you stop the violence, the way you stop the rioting, is you surge manpower and resources, citizen soldiers, National Guard, and overwhelm the number of rioters so they can’t riot.”

He is obviously describing deterrence.

We’ve seen that effectively stop rioters from progressing in several instances… with no injury or loss of life.

In Minneapolis, at the height of the George Floyd riots, we saw armed men standing guard in front of a store telling troublemakers to move along. The store survived the night. Had they been guarding that pawnshop, we wouldn’t be talking about the charred body of the victim who was recovered from the ashes.

In St. Louis, the mob kept their distance, despite repeated threats of violence to both themselves and their property.

We’ve seen it elsewhere.

What else was she wrong about? Oh, pretty much everything.

Nobody was ‘murdered’. The teen she was maligning at the time was being attacked when he shot them… one of his attackers was brandishing a pistol. Courts will decide if this was manslaughter or legitimate self-defense.

Absent the entirety of the facts, own first impressions lean toward the latter.

As for ‘white’ people murdering ‘us’… not one of the people who were shot in that exchange was black. But she still found a way to work in a racism angle.

Calling every white person a bigot with malicious intent toward black people is a dangerous game.

Sure, you get the victimhood advantages of creating the oppressor your neo-marxist worldview requires for the oppressor/oppressed dichotomy.

But at what cost? Black people who take her seriously may find themselves believing that white people are malicious and hate them. Who knows what vile behavior that could lead to. We’re already seeing burning, looting, and strangers being hit in the head with bricks because — in their own words — ‘white lives don’t matter’.

Where does this lead next?

If we don’t find a way to tamp it down again, it could lead to a rise in actual racism and hostility among white people.

And where, exactly, will that mess leave so many mixed kids in a country that had gone a long way toward not giving a damn about racial differences in any meaningful way?

If Professors are going to poison our youth with evil ideologies, we might want to stop using Federal Dollars to pay them to do so.

Maybe we should rethink whether schools that push this divisive crap should be eligible for Federally backed student loans at all?

We don’t have to tell them what they can and cannot teach. But if they are so committed to teaching something corrosive to the very fabric of society, we may want to make sure it isn’t our tax dollars making it possible.