Executive Order: Trump Deals Another Blow To Activists Pushing Marxist Race Theories

Written by Wes Walker on September 23, 2020

When Obama whipped out his pen and his phone, it was often to bypass the lawful restraints on Article II powers and ‘fundamentally transform’ the country. Trump is using his pen and his phone in a very different way.

Unlike his predecessor, Trump is using that power to preserve what has made America the favorite destination of people from all over the world.

He came out against Critical Race Theory being offered within any Federal agency falling within the scope of the Executive Branch.

And now, turning typical Leftist tactics on their head, he has built further on that good start.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday which prohibits government contractors from providing employees with training that promotes stereotyping because of race or sex.

Trump’s order calls for the banning of training centered on the concept that some individuals are superior because of their race or sex. Federal grant money will no longer be used to fund such training.

…According to the executive order, training that “promotes race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating” are factors in contributing to divisiveness in the workplace. This includes any indication that white people are biased against minorities simply by virtue of their race. —Newsweek

Instead of demanding that anyone who does any business with the federal government bend over backward for whatever the latest fashionable leftist fad is, Trump has turned that tactic around by 180 degrees.

The difference between where both candidates plan on taking us into the future couldn’t be any more stark than it is right now.