Fleeing Babylon: Here’s Why You Should Leave Big Democratic Cities

Written by Doug Giles on September 10, 2020

Now that 2020 is showing us the sharp differences between ‘red’ cities and ‘blue’ cities, what do you think about where you are living?

Most ‘red’ neighborhoods will actually stop such people and throw them in prison until they are too old and feeble to even lift a brick, let alone chuck one. Blue cities? That’s another story.

Are you in one of these Democrat Hellscapes that is more interested in cops being arrested than brick-chuckers and arsonists? It’s like their private tribute to Dante’s Inferno.

Well, I hope they like that aesthetic. They’ll to be seeing a lot of it.

Are looking for that exit ramp to beat feet and get the Hell out of Dodge?

Looking for a safer place to hang your hat and start over without the Liberal madness and mayhem?

Get in line. You’re part of a growing trend.

But there’s a few things we should talk about, first.

For example, our little rule about ‘there’ and ‘here’. It’s super-simple and will keep ‘here’ from winding up like ‘there’ if you hear it and apply it.

Otherwise, you’ll have to do this all over again when your new place becomes the same kind of hellscape as your old one. Let’s not let that happen.

Deal? Deal.



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