Here Are The DA’s Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse — Should They Be Thrown Out Or Nah?

Written by Wes Walker on September 7, 2020

If the defendant is expected to invoke self-defense, how exactly do these allegations contradict that claim?

Kyle is charged, but not convicted. And having seen the DA’s reports, those charges look like they might be on shaky ground.

Are these charges legit, or is are they just a ‘woke’ DA looking to take a scalp?

Keep in mind, wanna-be-President Joe Biden is already trying to make hay on this case by insisting that Trump was too ‘weak’ to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse for this violence.

Having seen how Joe’s boss mishandled the presumption of innocence during those 8 years in office — just ask General Flynn! — Joe following in Obama’s errors shouldn’t surprise anyone. At least he didn’t tell the world that he could have had a son like Kyle’s attacker.

Blogger BlazingCatFur posted the charges and had this to say about it:

I downloaded and read the charges filed against Kyle Rittenhouse by Kenosha assistant district attorney Angelina Gabriele. If I were on the jury and read only the D.A.’s side of the story, I would acquit Rittenhouse for the most serious charges without even listening to his side. The only one that looks to me as if it could have merit is “possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18,” which is a misdemeanor.

Naturally, we looked up the records, which are only 5 pages long, and a pretty quick read.

Here’s our takeaway from the allegations.

An object (later identified as a plastic bag) was thrown in the direction of the defendant by Joseph Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum continued approaching the defendant and was in ‘near proximity’ to him. Curses were uttered. Shots were fired.

Defendant retreated behind cover, phoned someone to report the shooting, “I just killed somebody”. A reporter on scene (Richard McGuinnis) attempted to render aid to Rosenbaum, who had been shot four times.

McGuinnis’s testimony filled in some gaps in the first shooting. The defendant was walking, Rosenbaum was trying to get closer to him. The defendant tried to fake Rosenbaum out and start running.

At the time, others there were moving very quickly, toward the defendant who was trying to evade them. Rosenbaum was clearly attempting to grab the defendant’s weapon out of his hands.

After that, other shots were heard ‘really soon after’, while the reporter was attempting to give medical aid to the downed man.

The rest of the evidence was provided by video.

A group of several people then converged on Kyle, uttering threats including “beat him up” and “get his ass”.

With Kyle on the ground, one of the crowd jumps at and over him. Two shots were fired at this person but did not connect.

Still on the ground, he is approached by Anthony Huber who strikes him with his skateboard and seems to be trying to pull the gun away from Kyle. A single round fired into Huber’s chest kills him.

Kyle shifts to a sitting position and faces another attacker, Gaige Grosskreutz. Grosskreutz gets shot in the arm (a single round fired) while (apparently) pointing a gun of his own at Kyle.

This is the case they are making against him.

This is what Facebook is classifying as a ‘mass murderer’, and they are taking down any stories that put him in a positive light, including his training as a medic.

Should the DA proceed with these charges? Or should most of them be thrown out?