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Joe Biden Is STILL Pushing The Lie That Trump Hasn’t Condemned White Supremacists

The Democrats know they’ve overplayed their hand with that peaceful protesters line they were feeding us, and now they are pivoting hard to pretend they have always taken a strong stand against violence.

(They have not.)

Biden took his turn at the CNN Town Hall asking questions that were more orchestrated than one of Nancy Pelosi’s bowel movements.

He gives the game away when he acknowledges that the Democrat slow-pitching the question about violence and respecting the police (and military) just happens to have been someone Biden met while in office.

(Or maybe the scenario was cooked up intentionally as proof of Joe’s not-failing-at-all-I-swear-it memory.)

Here is the question where Biden claims to have been denouncing all violence since Day One… while feigning that Trump has yet to denounce ‘all’ violence.

“Protesting is one thing. A right to speak is one thing. Violence of any kind, no matter who it is coming from is wrong. And people should be held accountable. Burning down automobile lots, smashing windows, setting buildings on fire. But here’s the deal. I’ve condemned every form of violence no matter what the source is. No matter what the source is. The President has yet to condemn as you probably noticed, the Far Right and the White Supremacists. And those guys walking around with the AK-47’s and not doing a damned thing about them.

He ‘paraphrased’ Kellyanne Conway as saying that chaos is good for the administration.

Of all the lies that he packed into this short quote, that is the simplest to debunk. Huffpo (no friend of the Right) gave the direct quote in question:

“The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety and law and order,” she said. —Huffpo

It isn’t ‘better for the administration’. It’s better for setting a clear choice in front of the voter. A choice that shows them the real-life consequences of Democrats’ soft stance on crime.

Those two ideas are NOT the same thing.

But Mr. ‘Soul of America’ has literally been building his campaign on lies since Day One.

We’ve covered at length how Joe Biden has steadfastly ignored the words that came out of Trump’s own mouth about 45 seconds after uttering the Left’s favorite doctored soundbite about ‘very fine people’, the part where Trump says, and I quote:

Rather than rehash that original quote, we’ll just drop in the PragerU video proving that same point:

The truth of the event is 180 opposite to the narrative he’s trying to spin.

Long before first day of Biden’s campaign, Trump has had the moral high ground on denouncing violence on both sides, while Biden was winking at the violence of the Left.

Unlike Biden’s campaign, ClashDaily can back up those claims.

And so, we will:

Charlottesville — Trump calling them good

First, Trump’s words didn’t just acknowledge that there were Americans of goodwill who (in good faith) lined up on opposite sides of the issue over whether certain statues should remain or be removed.

Second, in that very same moment, Trump pointed the finger of blame at people on both sides of the conflict that boiled over into violence that weekend.

The crowd CNN’s new BFF Richard Spencer organized to march were not the only ones marching that day.

The Antifa Black Block showed up armed that day as well. Remember? We remember. We reported on these events in real time:

Trump Says Both Sides Are To Blame For Charlottesville Violence – Do You Agree?

Why The Hell Did The Charlottesville Cops Stand Down?

Dear Charlottesville Rioters: You Idiots Just Set Things Back 50 Yrs

Charlottesville — Trump condemning the violence

The simplest proof to offer that Trump DID condemn both sides is to show Rubio’s angry criticism of Trump pointing a finger of blame at agitators on both sides.

Here are the relevant points from Rupio’s NeverTrump tweetstorm:

Charlottesville — Biden refusing to denounce Leftist agitators

In the campaign video, and in his gaslighting criticism of Trump Biden spoke of the BLM/Antifa agitators as heroes.

“‘Some very fine people on both sides.’ Very fine people on both sides? With those words, the President of the United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it.

A WaPo piece written by Paul Duggan at the time made it damned clear that both sides absolutely DID have violent elements in their midst. This is easily shown by the fact that a group of men who showed up to keep the peace as a neutral third party and minimize the conflict were attacked by members of both groups of activists.


Here is the bait and switch game the Left plays.

They give a blanket denunciation of violence generally and call that a denunciation of (in this cases) domestic terrorists sympathetic to Antifa and BLM causes. But when the Right denounces violent groups BY NAME, but groups them in with another group (like Antifa) that they denounce by NAME, the Left pretends that the Right is somehow failing to call out the KKK.

We might mention that it’s a pretty outrageous claim for Biden and the other Democrats who went to Robert Byrd’s funeral when we didn’t.

Biden, whose running mate literally raised money to help these violent rioters get back on the street, wants us to think he’s tough on crime.

Biden, whose party members walked out of a Senate meeting investigation of Domestic Terrorism wants us to think he is strongly opposed to violent rioters.

They cannot bring themselves to denounce Antifa by name, or admit that BLM is a Marxist front group playing on our natural antipathy to racism in order to amass wealth and political power.

It’s exactly the same problem we saw when Pelosi was too gutless to call out and condemn — by name — the Antisemitism among Democrats in her own party. She waffled and hid behind a generic condemnation of ‘racism’.

Meanwhile, the Republicans were so far ahead of them morally that when one of their members said something that could be understood as racially insensitive (even though he claimed to mean no harm by it) that even HE voted in favor of censure and removal from any committee work… a punishment that not a single member of ‘the Squad’ was even in any serious danger of facing. See: Raucous Caucus: Pelosi Storms Out Of Closed-Door Meeting Over Omar’s Anti-Semitism


Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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