Kenosha Police Say The ‘Mostly Peaceful Protesters’ Are Mostly From Out Of Town–Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on September 1, 2020

Kenosha residents have been saying this from Day 1. It looks like the locals were right.

Kenosha, Wisconsin isn’t exactly a metropolis–it’s a city of about 100,000 residents. It’s the fourth-largest city in Wisconsin after Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay.

With a town that size, an influx of out-of-towners would be noticeable.

ClashDaily reported on the group of activists with a Seattle-based group that had been arrested in Kenosha by local police and U.S. Marshals last week. Locals spotted some vehicles with Oregon plates that were gathering together and behaving suspiciously.

Tinkerpots From Seattle-Based Activist Group Were Arrested In Kenosha After Filling Up Multiple Gas Cans–Here’s The 411

It appears to be far more extensive than a group of activists handing out vegan banh mi.

Local police are now confirming that the vast majority of the protesters that have been burning businesses and causing disturbances in Kenosha aren’t even from the town.

Out of the 175 people that have been arrested, 102 of them reside outside of Kenosha. Police report that the protesters that have been detained are from 44 different cities. 

Most of the protesters who have been arrested in Kenosha, Wisconsin, amid the unrest sparked by the August 23 police shooting of 29-year-old black man Jacob Blake came from outside the city, according to local law enforcement.

Kenosha police said on Sunday that they had arrested 175 people since the protests began in the bedroom community between Chicago and Milwaukee.

Of those, 102 were from outside Kenosha, including 44 different cities.

Many arrests were for curfew violations, and included possible charges for burglary, possession of illegal drugs and carrying concealed weapons without a permit, officials said.

More than 20 firearms had been seized.

Source: Daily Mail

This isn’t just a local protest–these are activists that are swooping in and are wreaking havoc in Kenosha.

Businesses are being destroyed and people are being disrupted because activists have seized on an incident that pushes their narrative.

This raises a lot of questions:

  • Where are they coming from?
  • How did they get there?
  • Who organized this?
  • How can they afford to stay in Kenosha for days on end?
  • What protest “activities” have they been involved in?

President Trump is scheduled to visit Kenosha on Tuesday despite the Democratic Mayor John Antaramian asking him to give the community “time to heal.”

Clearly, Mayor Antaramian is saying that because he believes President Trump’s visit will ignite tensions with the protesters. This shouldn’t be how a Presidential visit in the aftermath of a crisis in a community.

If we had an honest media, a Presidential visit wouldn’t be controversial at all.

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