Meet Claudia Apolinar, Heroic Deputy Who Helped Partner After Getting Shot In The Face (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 17, 2020

It’s hard to believe this badass chica was once a librarian, isn’t it? Some random punk tried to end her life. Instead, he made her famous.

Everything changed when some coward snuck up on a squad car and opened fire on the officers inside.

For one thing, that ‘cops are randomly murdering black men in the street’ narrative start getting fact-checked, and we started to notice how it might be more accurate to say it’s open season on law enforcement.

Especially when ‘protesters’ at the hospital were openly hoping they would die, and that others would soon join them.

But more immediately for the officers involved, they were suddenly in a fight for their lives. Keep in mind, when hospital reports finally came out, they were in ‘critical but stable’ condition. Getting shot in the head isn’t exactly a walk in the park — even if you live to tell the tale.

At first, we only had video of the gutless weasel who shot them.

That was bad enough, and despite more than 3000 officers injured (or worse) since these riots began, with this case the public was finally able to become emotionally invested in the issue.

Then we saw first one, then a second photo of the deputies taking cover behind a pillar, unsure whether their assailant was planning on returning to finish his grim work.

The ‘play’ icon on those photos made it clear they were taken from some kind of security footage. That footage has since been cleared for release and we can see that courageous woman taking charge as she cares for her wounded partner’s injuries.

As she’s swinging her head left and right, watchful for any further threats, keep in mind she’s been shot in the jaw, and even the smallest of movements must hurt like a sonofabitch. But she sucks it up and does her job.

She’s got a reason to live. She’s got a 6-year-old waiting at home.

Instincts kick in.

In a time when law enforcement is so often the object of contempt and ridicule, let’s give this courageous young rookie cop the honor she so richly deserves.

If the public is so desperate to latch onto a name for us to say and to remember… why don’t we make it Claudia Apolinar?

If attacking law enforcement isn’t already a Federal Crime, maybe it’s time to change that. And if you’re looking for a name to put on the bill, what better way to immortalize her courage and remind us all why an attack on law enforcement is an attack on all of us.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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