No Backing Down

Written by Bill Thomas on September 23, 2020

The United States was bitterly divided. Heated rhetoric, bitterness, and threats dominated discussion. The country seemed poised to split as a monumental presidential election loomed.

The preceding sentence was written about the United States in 1860. The nation was divided about slavery and, in 1860, this issue finally came to a head, fracturing the formerly dominant Democratic Party into Southern and Northern factions, creating a Constitutional Union Party, and bringing Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party to power without the support of a single Southern state. In fact, Lincoln wasn’t on the ballot in ten of those southern states.

Barely more than a month following Lincoln’s victory came declarations of secession by South Carolina and other states, which were rejected as illegal by the then-current President, James Buchanan, and President-elect Abraham Lincoln.

1860 was an ugly time for the United States.

I’m convinced 2020 may have a lot in common with its 160-year-old forebearer. We are again a sharply divided country. Bitterness and hate clog the social media outlets. Lies and threats are being tossed out by politicians and media accomplices.

And just like in 1860, the root of the division is the view of America espoused by the two dominant parties: Democrats and the Republicans. I am equally convinced, that, just as it was in 1860, the Republican vision of America must prevail if we are to remain “one nation under God.”

All GOP leaders and voters must recognize the soul of the nation is on the ballot. This election is another of the country’s crossroads moments.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death reminds us, as a nation, of our values and the importance of the Supreme Court. Certainly, Justice Ginsburg accomplished a lot in her time, but she is a hero only to the cultural left. She is no hero to conservatives; whose values often opposed her own.

Planned Parenthood, in a tribute to Justice Ginsburg, noted, “At her confirmation hearings, RBG openly declared that abortion access is a constitutional right.”

The GOP must support President Trump and his nominee to the Court. That’s what was at the heart of the 2016 election, an election won by Trump.  It is abundantly clear that politics 2020 is not a gentleman’s game. It is a war that will determine what kind of country we are and will be.

Byron York tweeted, “Trump has made first-rate SCOTUS picks. If he does so again, there will be no way a Republican can oppose on substance. To oppose would require siding with Democrats on process argument — a tough place for most Republicans to be.”

Republican values are on the ballot. Those values are now embodied by the nominees to the Court. Consider the stark difference.

Trump will nominate a woman who believes in the Constitution as written, who respects the 2nd Amendment and recognizes the importance of life.

Ask yourself, what kind of person will Joe Biden nominate? It is telling that he won’t say. I believe that’s because he’ll nominate a cultural liberal. He’ll choose someone who is okay with attacks on law enforcement. He’ll choose someone who is good with abortion on demand. He’ll nominate someone who is fine with bringing socialism into the American way of life.

The difference between them is huge. This is not the time for compromise and appeasement. Slavery had to end in America in the 1860s. They’d tried to compromise, and it failed. Those who supported slavery had to be defeated.

The same is true now. We cannot compromise with those who attack the police, disdain the military, and tear down America’s history. They have to be defeated.

The Democrats do not act in good faith. Since Ginsburg’s passing the Democrats and their media lackeys have threatened, if Biden wins in November, to…

Abolish the Electoral College

Pack the Supreme Court

Impeach President Trump

Instigate and Support Violence and Destruction

Anyone who somehow thinks that approving a nominee for the Supreme Court is unseemly this close to an election is not paying attention. The Democrats have no rule book and no decency. If Trump wins in November, they will vehemently oppose any nominee he makes, whether it be September or January.

Republican candidate for Massachusetts 6th House District, John Paul Moran gets it. He tweeted, “After Kavanaugh, everything changed with me…That marked the end of the Democrats as we knew them. That is when they went from a party that disagreed, to a party that would do anything to gain + retain power.”

That’s the goal for the Democrats. They don’t care about the people, only power. To defeat them, we all must vote. No backing down.

Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas lives in Washington, Missouri and is a professor at St. Louis Christian College. He's also on staff at First Christian Church in Washington, Missouri. He's authored two novellas, From the Ashes and The Sixty-First Minute published by White Feather Press of MI and three Bible studies, Surrounded by Grace, The Critical Questions and More and The Road to Victory published by CSS Publishing of OH.