Officer Shoots Knife-Wielding Attacker In Lancaster–BLM Responds With Rioting And Looting

Written by K. Walker on September 14, 2020

It would seem that Black Lives Matter “mostly peaceful protesters” don’t think that police officers should defend themselves.

This situation seems pretty clear–police were called because after an argument, a man with a history of violent behavior was getting aggressive with his sister and mother and trying to break into their house. When the officer arrived, the man ran at him brandishing a large knife and the officer shot him.

Police shot dead a 27-year-old man – who was awaiting trial for stabbing and seriously injuring four people – after he charged at an officer while brandishing a huge knife over his head.

Officers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania were called to a home at 4.15pm yesterday by Ricardo Munoz’s sister who said he had become aggressive toward their mother and was trying to break into her house.

Body camera footage released by the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office shows the 27-year-old emerging from the house as soon as an officer arrived 10 minutes later.

Munoz was awaiting criminal trial on four counts of aggravated assault before he was shot dead yesterday. He also had previous charges of stalking, harassment and criminal trespassing.

The Lancaster Police Department immediately launched an investigation and released the bodycam footage of the incident.

By the way, Munoz was just a stellar example of humanity.

Last year, Munoz stabbed and seriously injured four people, including a 16-year-old boy.

At the time, police said an argument between Munoz and several people became physical. He was punched and kicked by them before they walked away from the fight.

Munoz then retreived a folding knife from his backpack and stabbed four other people. It’s not clear if the four people stabbed were involved in the initial argument.
Source: Daily Mail

Somehow, an officer shooting the guy who running toward him with a knife poised over his head ready to stab the officer sparked a “protest” by Black Lives Matter.

You can tell that some of these nutters were just itching for any excuse to riot and loot. They didn’t even have a clear sense of what had happened.

The “protesters” shouted at police, tried to goad them into action, and then some stores were looted.

When things got pretty bad, the “protest” was determined to be an “unlawful assembly” and people were told to disperse.

They didn’t.

Lancaster P.D. shot rubber bullets and pepper spray.

BLM organizers tell white people who support them to be human shields.

The BLM and Antifa activists started a dumpster fire…which is somewhat ironic since their worldview is figuratively a dumpster fire.

Oh, good. Looting.

It turns out that much of the looting and destruction in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was against minority-owned businesses. Ditto in Minneapolis.

At least something good came out of this incident–one guy learned that if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

Ah, that brings back memories.

Always remember, kiddies, when you’re going to join an “unlawful assembly” to protest police defending themselves, or protesting a Trump rally–wear a cup.

This entire Black Lives Matter movement should no longer be taken seriously. This isn’t about police brutality, it’s about excusing anti-white racism and imposing Marxism.

The movement should have stayed dead after one of the BLM supporters shot several Dallas cops back in 2015.

When people show you who they are–believe them.

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