The Rock Talks Voting With Joe & Kamala — Here’s What They Got Wrong

Written by Wes Walker on September 28, 2020

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is, for the most part, a likable guy. That doesn’t mean he’s right about everything. Here’s what his interview with the Dem ticket got wrong.

He’s one of the hardest-working guys in Hollyweird. He has an unusual commitment to personal responsibility and accountability for someone swimming in that swamp. He’s reputedly a big-hearted guy.

But he can still get things wrong.

Because we’re on the right, we still know how to target an idea without trying to destroy the person who shared it. It’s what we used to do before totalitarian ‘cancel culture’ came to town.

Ostensibly, this was supposed to be a conversation about voting. And for The Rock’s part in the opening of the clip, that’s what this was.

But once Joe and Kamala started talking, it switched gears into propaganda almost immediately. By the end of it, Dwayne was repeating those points.

What went wrong in this interview?

Let’s start with Kamala’s open lie about ‘helping’.

If she only cared about ‘helping’ the voter understand, she would have pointed to a website made for that purpose. But if you TEXT something to Joe’s campaign number (the same one he was dragged for confusing with a website during the debate, by the way) you are immediately added to each and every one of the Democrat-friendly database and advertising lists that they are willing to share it with.

You are being monetized.

Such a kind courtesy Kamala is offering, isn’t it? That’s the first thing, but not the only thing.

Next is the way they are characterizing how voting — especially voting by mail — is being politicized. We agree it is being politicized. But we disagree with WHO is doing it.

From the minute the Chinavirus was locking down cities, the left started pushing HARD for mail-in voting — of a certain kind — while at the very same time pushing hard in courts to remove the very fail-safes that protect your voting franchise from outside interference.

Why else would Judicial Watch have to take Blue states to courts to force them to purge names from voter rolls if they haven’t voted in 20 years, have moved away, or are deceased? The simple reason is that the bigger the bloat, the easier it is to hide malfeasance and interference.

For a party that has made such a big stink about ‘foreign interference’ in voting for the last few years, you’d think that would matter to the Left. But no, that’s all for show.

Joe and Kamala threw mail-in voting (unsolicited) into the mix with absentee voting (solicited), which are very different things, and Trump has clearly distinguished between the two.

They, however, benefit politically from making the waters intentionally murky. Mailing ballots blindly to people who may or may not even be present at the address in question — almost like mailing out flyers — is a *very* different process from sending them out in response to a specific request.

A second reason is the chain of custody issues present in the mail. Beyond the experiment where the news agency mailed 100 dummy ‘ballots’ to a location (twice) to see how effective it was and found a significant issue of them did not go to their destination in anything like a timely manner, there are growing numbers of reasons to distrust the process.

They range from ballots dumped in a ditch, to envelopes turning up months later, to opened ballots being intentionally thrown away.

There is a more-than-coincidental percentage of these ballots that just happen to advantage one party over another. Can you guess which party it helps?

As we’ve being saying all along, for the benefit of every voter regardless of party, your vote only counts if it’s counted. So make sure it arrives and gets counted. In-person voting is the best method, unsolicited mail-outs are the worst.

There is no virtue in ‘everyone voting’ if they are voting blindly for the party someone else tells them they should vote for.

The real virtue part of voting is the same thing the media — and sadly, even otherwise decent guys like The Rock — are hindering.

You need some clear understanding of the issues as presented by both parties, weighed against the best criticisms of their opponents (a job the media steadfastly refuses to do with the Democrats) and the accomplishments/promises of the candidates themselves. (When is the last time the ‘mainstream’ media acknowledged a policy achievement of any kind in this administration.)

Once you have those things together, you can make an informed choice as to who should best represent your interests.

If The Rock was truly committed to the voting process, he might give Team Trump a similar block of time to raise his own issues about voting — including the lawyers that Biden bragged about hiring which have been busily tearing down one anti-tampering safeguard after another in the heat of an election cycle.

He might even raise the issue of ‘why’?

Will The Rock do it? Probably not. He’s been plugged into the Hollywood echo chamber for a very long time.


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