Trump Unveils Half-Trillion-Dollar Platinum Plan As A ‘Contract With Black Americans’

Written by Wes Walker on September 25, 2020

Building on that question from 2016, ‘What the hell do you have to lose’, Trump is now casting a specific vision of what Black Americans have to gain by voting Republican on November 3rd.

For decades, politicians like Biden promised the moon, but haven’t delivered diddly squat to the people they claimed to champion. Black voters have been taken for granted.

While Dems cling desperately to the lie that Trump embraces white supremacists and hates Black Americans, Trump is putting forward an agenda that will deal with many the issues plaguing Democrat cities once and for all.

For those too lazy or dishonest to read the transcript from that oft-misquoted Charlottesville ‘very fine people’ line and see for yourself that bigots have been explicitly denounced (as have the Black Block Antifa types agitating violence in that same event), Trump has written it in words so simple that even a leftist brick-chucker could understand it.

Among a number of specific and ‘deliverable’ promises, Trump has also made a dramatic policy shift that will relevant to the racially-charged politics of the day.

Some of the groups most recognizable for past or present violent behavior energized by racial motives will be reclassified as terrorist groups.

The KKK is to be recognized as a Terrorist group.
Antifa Is to be recognized as a Terrorist group.

Talk about consistency. Anyone who has read those transcripts knows that in 2018, Trump denounced the KKK and the leftist activists showing up in Black Block clothes and carrying riot gear.

Biden, on the other hand, still cannot bring himself to denounce Antifa by name, his running mate is helping promote fundraisers to pay bail for the rioters, and Democrats walked out of a meeting where Nadler called Antifa a ‘myth’ and Maise Hirono, in a fit of pique, stormed out of a Senate meeting where she (and other Democrats) refused to say a single negative word about Antifa.

For a supposed racist, Trump does a lot of things that would stick in a White Supremacist’s craw.

Classifying the Democrat-affiliated hate group, Klu Klux Klan a terror group, for instance.

For another example:

Hear the full speech here:

What are some highlights from this plan?

-build on success in employment and wage growth for the Black Community — a job for anyone who wants one
-Infrastructure funding
-Grow minority-owned business
-encourage onshoring of domestic manufacturing
-build on success of opportunity zones
-$20B toward broadband

Fueling Access To Capital For Black-Owned Businesses
-increase small business opportunities through lending
-Examine alternative ways to build credit — rent, utilities, phone bills
-Make Minority Business Development Agency permanent. With some additional related points
-Increase number of Black-owned businesses in a variety of sectors
-Advance lending relationships with financial institutions
-Host Senior executives from major financial institutions to advance new and equitable lending programs for Black Communities


That African Americans Can choose…
-School Choice opportunities to give parents an option besides failing public schools
-Childcare Tax credits for greater access to pre-school

That African Americans Can Afford…
-continue to protect vital role of HBCs
-Spur innovation by connecting minority institutions with Federal Gov’t R&D resources
-Increase Pell grants, allow for vocational employment and second change homecomers
-Advance targeted apprenticeship and job training


Affordable Care You Can Trust…
-Reduce costs & improve access to healthcare through HRSA
-Price transparency so patients know costs before receiving care
-Eliminate long-standing healthcare disparities
-Investments into diseases that disproportionately afflict African American populations — kidney disease, High blood pressure, diabetes, Sickle Cell Disease, maternal mortality, and other diseases that affect African American populations
-Increase access to telemedicine and innovate technologies to empower patients with flexibility and tools for better health
-Public-Private-Partnership to develop healthcare facilities in low-income areas
-Defend religious freedom exemptions to respect religious believers and always protect life


Safe Streets…
-Continue to make historic improvements to criminal justice system
-National Clemency Program to unite families and invest in human potential, focusing on wrongful prosecution and rehabilitation
-Restore safety to American’s great cities by working with police departments, community leaders, and mental health professionals to install the most responsive, professional, and accountable models of policing, including diversity training and accreditation standards
-Advance second chance hiring to get rehabilitated citizens with a criminal record back on the job

Prosperous Black Communities
-Champion federal policy reforms to advance home ownership initiatives
-Partner with local leaders in black communities to ensure maximum federal support for neighborhood revitalization
-Make Juneteenth a National Holiday
-Prosecute the KKK and ANTIFA as terrorist organizations and make lynching a national hate crime
-Fuel black farmers and access to healthy foods to address food disparities
-Favorable trade deals to bring back manufacturing jobs and health [sic] black contractors, farmers, inventors, and consumers
-Defend religious liberty and African American churches that lift the conscience of our nation
-Collaborate with cities and counties to address mental illness and substance abuse

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