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WATCH: Joe Gives Kamala Top Billing–Speaks Of A ‘Harris-Biden Administration’

Joe Biden said that he picked Kamala Harris as his running mate because she’s “ready to lead on Day 1.” Maybe that is the plan.

Is a vote for Joe Biden, or is it a vote for Kamala Harris who dropped out of the Democratic primary early because she couldn’t get passed single-digit support in the polls?

It’s a legitimate question now that both Harris and Biden made the same “gaffe” just a couple of days apart–they both said that if they won the election, it would be a Harris-Biden administration.

Here’s Joe at one of his events in Florida yesterday:

This comes just days after Kamala Harris also spoke about a “Harris-Biden administration.”

WHOOPS! Kamala Harris Lets The Truth Slip Talking To Voters–‘A Harris Administration With Joe Biden’

Biden had originally said that he was going to be a “transitional” candidate and only serve one term to allow someone else to take the reins because he’s “an old guy.” When that didn’t sit well with voters, his campaign denied that he had ever floated the idea. He’s since backtracked and said that should he win in November, he would be willing to run for reelection.

The left has called it a conspiracy theory and a smear campaign to mention Joe Biden’s clearly deteriorating mental state.

Joe has always been a gaffe machine, but these aren’t gaffes.

On the same day, Joe said this gibberish at a campaign event in Tampa:

No, Joe, we have no idea what you mean.

But it was really awful throughout the event.

But wait, if you can believe it, there’s more…

In what was clearly a pandering move in Kissimmee, Biden played the song Despacito and did a bit of a dance.

Fun fact: “Despacito” means “slowly” in Spanish.

President Trump saw one of the memes that was made replacing the song, and retweeted it.


It appears that Joe Biden has been using a teleprompter for the most basic Q&A sessions.

He accidentally showed it when he was doing an interview with comedian James Corden.

Despite the constant speculation about Joe’s mental acuity, Team Biden is refusing to address the issue.

It’s okay, guys. I think we all know the answer to this now.

K. Walker

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