WATCH: Kamala Harris’ VERY Awkward Visit To Milwaukee Makes Hillary Look Like Miss Congeniality

Written by K. Walker on September 9, 2020

It was a sh*tshow from start to finish.

On Monday, Senator Kamala Harris, running mate to Joe Biden headed to Wisconsin as the first stop official on the campaign trail.

It’s nice to know that Democrats have found Wisconsin since 2016.

To be fair to the DNC, there have been some pretty notable events in Kenosha in the last few weeks that drew their attention to the state that Hillary completely ignored.

Harris landed and the Media(D) went crazy fangirling because she was wearing Converse high-tops with her pantsuit.

Whatevs, Kamala. You do you.

Harris pandered to some blue-collar workers which is predictable, but also an interesting choice for the party that is supported by rich elites–in Hollywood, Academia, the Media, big corporations, and many of the Big Tech über-wealthy.

As mentioned by Fox News reporter, Peter Doocy, Harris also spoke with Jacob Blake’s family. She said that they are “an incredible family.”

I guess Jacob Blake Sr.’s antisemitism didn’t come up in conversation, then.

Nor did Jacob Blake Jr.’s sexual assault accusation, apparently.

Harris then spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic and made it about race, sex, and immigration.

Then, one of the most awkward moments of the day occurred when Harris was introduced by Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes.

Harris had already given remarks on the “dignity of work,” a theme of the campaign, and Barnes figured the vice presidential hopeful would be answering questions as reporters bemoan a lack of access to Harris and her running mate, presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“We are very honored, proud and lucky to have Senator, soon-to-be Vice President, Harris with us today, and I will pass it back over to you. I know you want to take some questions before you get out of here,” Barnes said before reaching over and offering the microphone to Harris.

Before Harris could take it from Barnes, a member of Harris’ staff could be heard saying, “Oh, I think we’re all set.”

“Thank you all, we’re all set. Thank you,” another voice said as shuffling began.

Barnes then said into the microphone, “Oh, all right.”

Source: New York Post

After the event, she met with the handful of supporters and made the election about herself.

Gosh, she’s so unlikable!

Her praise of the Blake family isn’t winning friends, either.

Harris told Jacob Blake, a man who has been “credibly accused” of sexual assault that she is “proud” of him.

It’s kind of a funny statement from the “I believe women” Senator who was absolutely atrocious to Justice Brett Kavanaugh when ridiculous accusations of alleged attempted sexual assault were brought forward at the eleventh hour.

Harris was pilloried on Twitter for her comments praising Jacob Blake.

The best take on this was Buck Sexton with the mic drop…

That was BRU-TAL…and well-deserved.

Kamala Harris is a ridiculous, pandering hack.

The Democratic nominee is a confused, doddering liar and his running mate is a hypocrite who has a history of refusing to reach across the aisle and has a voting record that is further left than Bernie Sanders.

Interesting choice, Dems.

Good luck in November!

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