8 Reasons Why Jesus Hates Religion

Written by Doug Giles on October 17, 2020

That’s going to leave some people scratchin’ their noggins. Let’s break it down…

It takes cajones to speak Truth with a capital ‘T’ to religious hucksters. Jesus did it frequently.

Jesus took every opportunity given to Him to verbally smack down the religious leaders in His day that had corrupted what worship was supposed to be.

In His last sermon, it’s pretty clear that Jesus isn’t a fan of the way that the Pharisees were pushing an empty religious tradition rather than heartfelt worship.

Here are some of the reasons why Jesus hates religion:

  1. Their lives were roadblocks to God’s Kingdom. They refused to enter and wouldn’t let anyone else in either.
  2. They took advantage of widows and their money with long, fake-ass prayers.
  3. They went halfway around the world to make a convert, but once they got one, they turned them into a replica of themselves making them twice the son of hell. Double damned.
  4. They played religious word games that gave them supposed “loopholes” to lie and deceive people and still, of course, be considered “godly.”
  5. They nitpicked over the cosmically inconsequential while blowing off the major issues of God such as justice, mercy, and faithfulness.

For the other three, you’ve gotta listen.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get your butt into a church!
Find one that is biblically sound, and has a flavor and style that you dig and jump on in.

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