FAKE NEWS: USA Today Poll On Who Won V.P. Debate Leaves Out Pence As An Option

Written by Wes Walker on October 9, 2020

How biased is the news against team Trump? For one thing, this poll made it past the editors.

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris squared off at the debate on Wednesday night.

It wasn’t pretty.

And no, that’s not (just) a crack at the off-putting faces Kamala kept making.

It’s not unusual for someone to throw a couple of cheeky answers into a social media poll to boost engagement, like USA Today did by letting readers vote ‘the pesky fly’ as a possible winner for the debate.

But it IS unusual to completely leave out one of the candidates in question.

Notice anything a little odd here? Ted did.

They were later shamed into fixing the poll.

What did other polls show?


These 8 Moments From The V.P. Debate Show Pence Absolutely Annihilating Harris (VIDEO)
Not even close.

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