First Major City Removes BLM Street Slogan … Is It In YOUR State?

Written by Wes Walker on October 6, 2020

Almost immediately after the BLM activists had their marching orders, those big yellow words were being painted on black asphalt in cities across the nation. But times are already changing…

Activist groups almost dared local cities to remove those big yellow words being painted on city streets.

City officials understood the threat. If you are the city to remove it, the mobs will make an example of you and your city.

Has a nice ‘mafia’ ring to it, doesn’t it? Nice city you’ve got there. Shame if something should happen to it.

In places like DC and NYC they had explicit permission (or even the participation) of the local government. But not every city gave such permission to paint political slogans (remember, BLM donations do get filtered through Democrat-aligned political groups), and faced possible legal consequences if they didn’t allow messages supporting other causes to be splashed on their streets.

Beyond that is the more pedestrian problem of the streets becoming a graffiti magnet.

Well, BLM (the organization) has fallen out of favor with so many of their protests turning violent and destructive. The crime consequences of having police forces scaled back haven’t helped public opinion any.

Tulsa is now the first major city to purge itself of those big yellow letters graffitied on their streets.

The city of Tulsa removed a massive Black Lives Matter painting on Monday from the site of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre after activists painted it without the city’s permission.

…Terry Ball, streets and stormwater director, said work to remove the sign began about 4:15 a.m. The sign was gone within about two hours, the Tulsa World reported.

The street was scheduled for maintenance next spring, but the project was moved up to remove the mural at no additional cost to the city. Ball said he expects the project to be completed Monday.

…Mayor G.T. Bynum has said he supports the sign’s message but cannot support keeping it on a city street.

…After exploring options to keep the sign, city councillors determined it could not be done without facing legal challenges and encouraging more people to paint city streets.

Vanessa Hall-Harper, Tulsa’s only Black councillor, said last week the city had caved to pressure from bigots and racists. –GlobeAndMail


The only possible explanation for why the city might not approve of an unauthorized and explicitly political message supporting an organization (not merely a message) set up by avowed Marxists, who idolize a cop-killer, and whose marches routinely devolve to violence is racism.

Especially when public support for the movement itself is sinking like a stone.

More than anything else, that shows a real lack of imagination on the part of that other council member.